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    FS: 99.5 Jetta TDI GL 165,000 miles $3500/OBO

    I really don't know. It's only happened twice, both times when the engine was pretty cold. It was before replacing the iced up fuel filter so one could speculate that was related. But I really can't say for sure. It hasn't reoccurred enough to troubleshoot. It sort of felt like when you...
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    FS: 99.5 Jetta TDI GL 165,000 miles $3500/OBO

    The windshield is original and in term of general wear it is what you'd expect. No cracks or anything like that. - Bill
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    Advice: 1999.5 Jetta TDI GL - 165K miles

    For anyone who is interested, I started a new thread with pictures and as much detail as I could think of. - Bill
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    FS: 99.5 Jetta TDI GL 165,000 miles $3500/OBO

    And the interior shots. Plus a headlight lens because I am so amazed at how well it came out.
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    FS: 99.5 Jetta TDI GL 165,000 miles $3500/OBO

    As promised in my other thread, here is a real For Sale posting. We bought this car brand new in Dec 98 and it has served us very well over the years but it's time to move on to a bigger vehicle. It's Atlantic Blue with the grey interior. It currently has good studded winter tires. I have...
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    Advice: 1999.5 Jetta TDI GL - 165K miles

    Hi again everyone, I'll have pictures and a more complete listing up by tonight. Unless I get blown away by an offer I probably wouldn't accept anything till late on Friday. Assuming I get offers. ;-) Garrett, no worries about a low offer. It was 50% more than the dealer and I've pretty...
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    Advice: 1999.5 Jetta TDI GL - 165K miles

    Thanks for the response everyone. I think I will pass on the dealer's trade offer and put together a real For Sale posting with pictures of the faults. It's not worth $5k - as Oilhammer points out it's a 14+ year old car that has been in New England it's entire life. On the other hand, my gut...
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    Advice: 1999.5 Jetta TDI GL - 165K miles

    Hi, We're about to trade this car in and the dealer, who hasn't seen it yet, offered $1000 subject to inspection. Blue book is probably around $1300. I hate selling cars and don't mind losing a little money to avoid the hassle but I'm afraid I might be leaving $1000+ on the table and I...
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    1999.5 Jetta TDI GL -

    Please delete This got posted with only the salutation. I cannot figure out how to completely delete it, but hopefully the new subject line will keep people from wasting time reading the post itself.
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    Grille Missing

    We've lost two in 88,000 miles (haven't replaced the second yet). The first time around the passenger side was also gone. I'd always just figured someone took them but if other people are losing them too... - Bill
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    Replacement Battery

    A couple people have used the Exide 78DT72 from BJ's Wholesale Club. See Battery FAQ
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    Battery FAQ

    Hi Dan, "DT" in that part number (78DT72) does mean dual terminal: it has both side posts and top posts. The top posts are in the center of the battery but the cables reached easily. The side posts faced forward but didn't interfere with the plastic box around the battery (and they were...
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    Battery FAQ

    Hi Dan, I just bought a battery for our 99.5 Jetta from BJ's last weekend. I went for the 78DT72 (Group 78 battery). I thought it fit very well and we got more CCA too. The front clamp wasn't perfect (clamp has a "bump" that fits into an indentation on the OEM battery) but it definitely...
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    Power Door Lock Inop

    Hi TDI2b, I'm curious what you find. We do not have power windows or mirrors, but our 99.5 Jetta has one door which fails to lock about 20% of the time (driver's side rear) and the fuel door only opens once per 100+ attempts. We've been driving around with the fuel door open all the time for...
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    Glow plug circuit - code 16764

    Wow, I am sort of proud (disappointed in VW?) that this thread I started is still hanging around. I guess I was ahead of my time. jimmyz, I'm very excited to hear that your car has been 16764-free since the dealer replaced the harness - almost 18 months ago! That gives me hope. I've had a new...
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    NB battery source

    There are battery size tables out on the web. The first one I found when I just searched was at I had a better URL at some point which also included terminal locations (an important specification!). Anyway, at least one difference between Group 48...
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    did YOU get the wrong tensioner from IMPEX ($135 deal) ??

    Ah heck. Sorry Achoo I missed this thread but I just posted in your other thread about my Impex order. I did get the M and N parts from Impex in late November.
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    Did I get the Wrong Tensioner?

    Achoo, FWIW I ordered the timing belt upgrade kit from Impex ( in late Novemeber. I haven't used it yet but what I received was a shrink wrapped timing belt (038 109 119 M) and a boxed tensioner (038 109 243 N). The part number on the invoice is 038109119MN which is what I...
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    Glow plug circuit - code 16764

    Mostly I'm just bringing this back to the top to see if anybody has any new news. jimmyz, still no light after the new wiring harness? Mine still comes on every couple of months for no apparent reason. I'm curious if it'll get worse when the weather turns (it was much more frequent last winter).