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    2016 Volkswagen Passat: A Little Passion, Please

    Not a big deal. I have 93k on my 2012 and would have been out of warranty 33k miles ago. Must have spent $50.00 in all that time for a few light bulbs.
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    splitting hairs- state your minor dislikes about the passat.

    Really, Paint inside the trunk! It's a VW not an Audi
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    1 year/37K – Report on 2014 Passat SE TDI

    Nice report. I have 93k on my 2012 TDI SEL. I agree on the armrest. Liked it on my 09 TDI Sportwagon and have it on my Audi A5 Cab. SEL would have given you the fogs and roof. No sure why the adblue fill is a concern. Gets topped every 10k at the dealer and no drops spilled.
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    Anything wrong with this warm up routine?

    WOW, A whole lot of over thinking going on here. Just get in the car start it and drive it, when done shut it off. CZEETHA....120,000 mike on a 2014 ! Now thats a lot of driving. Did you do the timing belt yet?
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    2012 Passat TDI with multiple failures

    I feel sorry you guys with poor dealers. I have been a VW TDI owner for the last 6 years. Dealer gets my car every 10,000 mile. I service by the book. Never an issue. I am on the road all the time and most of the later model VW's in the Northeast seem to be TDI. I find it hard to believe in...
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    2012 Passat TDI with multiple failures

    Well it looks like he spent $1,700.00 to repair his car over the course of 60,000 mile. Sounds pretty good to me. 90k+ on my 2012 SEL TDI and no added cost but if there is a mechanical failure after all this time it is expected I pay.
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    How much did you pay for your Passat TDI?

    Rick, Where in CT are you? Langan VW in Meriden is a straight shooting dealer. Can't tell you what it is now but they knocked off $1000 from sticker when I bought my 2012 TDI SEL
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    Interesting read..4 Reasons Americans Aren't Buying Volkswagens Anymore

    I guess the American consumer is stupid. Can't beat the Passat TDI. Best bang for the buck that is a joy to drive. I would not want to drive a Kia, Toyota or Nissan. 90,000 miles on my Passat and only replaced a few bulbs, sold my 2009 JSW TDI with 85,000 miles and same thing. A couple of...
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    What is wrong with this picture?

    My 2012 SEL wheels are marked Borbet Alabama
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    Howdy from Montana, new NMS owner

    I like the white/black combo. That would have been my second choice and maybe first choice for the next one. You will love the car. Never had a cold gel issue with the Passat (did with my 2009 JSW TDI). Gets cold in CT but maybe not as cold as CO. Good luck with the new car. Nice Audi you had...
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    How to drain adblue before refilling?

    May last service they only changed my oil and did not do a regular 10k service to top off the adblue (communication error on my end). The adblue message went on at about 15k miles and warned I could only go another 1500 miles. No need to worry if you top it off every 10k service.
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    2016 Volkswagen Passat: A Little Passion, Please

    I don't understand the complaints about the styling. Did the car change after you bought it? I assume you liked it when you made the purchase. For those who don't have the NMS Passat or intend on owning one and are complaining about the looks and comparing it to the sweepy ugly offering from...
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    bye bye 2012 TDI SE, hello 2015 TDI SEL

    Well I was all set to move from my 2012 TDI SEl for a 2015 but there appears to be nothing different. I understand a face lift is due for the 2016 model year so I decided to wait. Car has almost 90k miles and still runs, looks and feels like new. Just could not see spending all the money and end...
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    Would you buy a 2012 with 75k miles?

    2012 TDI SEL with 82,000 and no issues. Make sure it has had all the regular scheduled service including the DGS service. Next service at 80,000 is a big one with the transmission service. Have it checked out. Love these cars
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    1000 Mile Update

    82,000 miles and still looks, handles and rides as it did on day one. Front hood, grill and windshield are a little sand blasted thanks to New England winter road sand. No issues except a few light bulbs. Was going for a 2015 but since no changes I decided to wait for the 2016 and see what the...
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    2015 European Volkswagen Passat - Official

    I think it looks great and I hope the US 2016 face lift Passat will look as good. Waiting out the year for a 2016. Looking like an Audi is a bad thing! I don't think so.
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    How many miles on your passat ?

    82,000 miles with no issues except a few light bulbs 2012 TDI SEL
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    30,000 miles, goodbye Hankooks

    Not sure, traded the car two years ago. I'll try and find out
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    Passat TDI SE and SEL seating comparisons

    I think the SEL seats could do with improvements. Wear on the piping on the outside edge seat back, replaced twice under warranty and it back. My dealer says it's the way I get in and out..Please, I have been getting in and out of the drivers seat for over 50 years. My car is an early 2012 with...
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    30,000 miles, goodbye Hankooks

    Could not take the noise from the Hankook junk tires. Replace at 35k with Continentals. Now have 35k on them and they are still quite and ride and handle great. It is a shame VW stuck us with these crap tires from the factory. They made a great car sound and ride terrible. Had Conti's on my 2009...