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    Malone Stage 0 tune on Stock TDI possible?

    Op's "has no Money" But has $250. for a tune......
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    Bose Stereo Low Volume Issue

    You cant use the Bose stereo on just any MK3. its a package deal. stereo,amp,speakers. Oh and the extra plug is for the CD changer that came with all Bose systems. Have to agree with Mongler...Get an after market head set. They have more options like Bluetooth, hands free use with a cell...
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    Not going to happen...Its a TDI. Spend that money on something better.
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    April fools day thread

    Blinker Fluid you say...... Yes that is a real dip stick.
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    Performance parts

    First of all, before you start any Performance Updates.....Make Sure All maintenance is up to date. No point in going fast if your suspension is shot. Also make sure all your hose and vacuum lines are in good shape.
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    name this wheel sound (vid inside)

    Lol...I like to know as well....;)
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    My 1998 tdi Jetta fuel millage is gone way down

    When you say "I couldn't believe how fast my car is going thru fuel." Whats the MPG?
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    Hellish coolant leak

    I smell another thread. :rolleyes:
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    Hellish coolant leak

    Truth be told, its self inflicted. Coolant leak for months and did nothing but Add water so he can drive it. Mix that with freezing temp and Boom....:rolleyes: Rad are Plastic with a Alum core. Its toast. Find one on ebay.
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    Hellish coolant leak

    LOL...guess you have to do what you have to do to get by...time to look for another car.
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    A4 fender rust

    You live in the rust belt...Winter salt will get in there. So do you clean off all that salt that will get in there???? If not than its to be expected.....
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    Anybody use Bearing Buddies to protect rear split bearings?!

    Most likely no better than than the wheel bearing replacement.....:rolleyes:
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    Anybody use Bearing Buddies to protect rear split bearings?!

    WOW just WOW. With all the videos out there that would show you how to do the job resulted in using a Dremal.... Note: For others that may read this, This Is NOT how its done.
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    TDI 2.0 no muffler

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    Injectors from a pick and pull

    Oh yeah Purge...I'll get a can tomorrow after work. still early in the week. Thanks for the info.
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    Injectors from a pick and pull

    The lines where still connected to the injectors. I will have them test this weekend, they are soaking in diesel fuel till then. Thanks everyone for all your great info.
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    Injectors from a pick and pull

    Hey guys. was at my local PNP this morning where i found a few mk4 1.9. One in particular a golf which look like there where a few mods added to it. It was an automatic and the IP had been removed. What i did see was the injectors looked new or recently replaced. So pulled them and seen that the...
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    1Z, AAZ Whats the difference?

    Wow dug out an 11 year old thread..... Read this.
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    Material, IC tubes

    Don't mean to high jack this thread but I have a hole in the inter cool hose that connects to the intake manifold in my 99 1Z jetta and can't seem to find a replacement. For now duct tape is keeping it from getting worse. Any info on a replacement?
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    LED Bulb Conversions

    Lol....Where is Chris?