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    DSG Service kit - For Sale cheap...

    SOLD. Ordered it, and my car is a six speed auto, not a DSG. Who knew? Anyway bought from FCP, and can return it, though someone might need it quick. OEM VW filter, fluid and drain plug seal. Make an offer. Chuck.
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    DSG Service kit - for sale cheap...

    I have a DSG service kit that I bought for a 2015 Gas Beetle. According to "sources", some came with DSG and some came with a 6 speed automatic. Mine is an automatic. I can pay shipping to return it, but would rather sell it to someone local. VW fluid and filter. Anyone have a service...
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    Left unlocked overnight drains battery dead - SECOND TIME!

    You can usually save a battery if it's only been drained once. If you put it on a trickle charger overnight it will usually save it. You can get a cheap manual charger at Harbor Freight cheap. I have two cheap ones I picked up at a garage sale, let me know if you want one mailed.
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    HELP! Antifreeze in DEF tank. Car immobilized.

    So, the DEF contamination enabled the countdown timer, Mercedes uses the same type of system.. You get a "10 more restarts" warning message. The purpose is to let you know you have a fault, and The contamination issue is that there is a heater and an investor, and it tries to heat the DEF...
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    VW's definition of Inoperable?

    When I turned mine in, they had me start it (she couldn't drive a manual), pull it forward from the parking spot, she took pictures both sides front and back, and the dash with the milage showing and the engine running. Then she asked me to back it into the parking spot where I had parked it...
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    question about how long the EFT refund takes

    Ok, I turned my car in on a Thursday afternoon, got the VW email immediately, the Chase email Friday afternoon. Friday night I created a user ID and password for Chase, then entered my credit union banking info, and entered a transfer to them. Monday morning looked at Credit Union online and...
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    Buyback Rejected

    That's why I chose EFT option, if you go over a milage band, they send you less money, no having to reschedule. I read somewhere they assume you drive 1000 is miles per month, and if you go more, you get less cash.
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    No start - rescheduled buyback - need help!

    On another note, you can change the dealer you turn it at, and most dealers seem to be adding days they are doing buybacks. You most likely won't have to wait till February.
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    EFT - Chase only?

    I turned mine in Thursday at 33:30 PM. Immediately got an email from VW saying my claim was complete. Friday afternoon got an email from Chase, set up my credit union as a linked account and transferred the money to the credit union at about 4:00pm Friday. Monday morning it shows as a pending...
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    Is there a limit on how soon you can set turn in appointment

    When you get to the step to select your turn in date, the portal knows the dealer you identified earlier. It shows you a calendar for the dealer with available appointments. You can change dealers, and it will show you the calendar of appointments at that dealer. I don't remember a user...
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    Is there a limit on how soon you can set turn in appointment

    The dealer are adding days for the buybacks. I think they start with one day a week, and add them after a few weeks. Those of you scheduling now might have a better chance of getting a sooner appt. I scheduled mine around Thanksgiving, the nearest dealer didn't have an appt until Feb, a Dealer...
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    Scheduled my turn-in

    Got my docs today, printed them out, notarized at work, scanned in by noon. At 5pm got the email to schedule turn in, set for 12/8. The schedule page lets you change the dealership you chose originally. It lets you search by distance from a zip code. i used a separate window to show dealers...
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    oil extractor technique

    I use the smaller tube, and push it in until you feel it hit bottom. If you push farther it will curl to the back, but doesn't seem to get much more out. I do mine with the car flat on the ground, loosen filter and remove it so it drains to pan, suck out pan, suck out filter housing, then suck...
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    effect on the tdi forums with sellbacks

    I already bought a 2013 Mini Clubman S to replace the Golf. I'll still be here but not as ofter. I still maintain an ALH bug and a BEW Bug for friends. I also have a diesel MB ML 320 so I'm always looking for a deal on diesel oil and such. I won't miss a lot of the moaning about how slow...
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    Notarized release?

    We scan notarized documents all the time for work. Take a pencil and shade the raised seal, then scan it and email it.
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    02 Beetle

    There's no dipstick to check the transmission fluid level, I'd be tempted to drain the fluid, replace the filter, and refill with the correct fluid to the proper level. You have to keep filling it at a certain temp until the fluid drips out of the standpipe on the drain plug.
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    First post ALH frustrations.

    Where did you get the new MAF from? I've had bad experience with cheap ones from eBay, and learned that it's better to spend the bucks and buy one from ID Parts or one of the venders who sell legitimate parts. Some people have had problems with folding of the MAF caused by K&N air filters...
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    Any new info on what major stations still carry B5?

    About an hour away in Columbia is a Love's Truck Stop, they have the B5-B20 sticker on their pumps. They are NOT listed in the BioBuddy APP which is weird, not sure where the data comes from. You might check Love's website and see how close to you one of them is...
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    How does the RCD510 code thing work?

    Each radio has it's own code, you'll need the code for the new radio, or there are eBay services that will get you the code for $15 to $20 after you email them the serial number of the radio. When buying a used radio, make sure they have a code for you. I have an RNS-315 if you are interested.