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    Mk1/2 td Turbo water hose lay out questions

    Do you have to keep it mechanical? A 2000-03 ALH swap with nothing but a set of nozzles might make more sense in the long run and still feels sort of "correct" for the period with double the power. K24 or T3 turbos from 1.6TD with a 1.6 fuel screw, governor mod etc on an AAZ are a lot of fun...
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    Engine Wiring Info

    Here's an ALH pinout is VW's main tech site, you can pay $35 for a 24hr login and then download all of their files.
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    Audi 3.0 TDI - another power barrier boken - 603hp / 1080nm (diesel only)

    Very nice! Might hurt the feelings of a few M57s at this rate. Keep up the good work Bobby :)
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    How to evaluate different tunes? Kerma, Malone?

    unfortunately no rental tools for the newer commonrails, the rental is based on the older V2 powergate. Given that way more people go in for dealer updates, do further mods, or need to revert to stock for servicing, it's typically better to own the tool with a newer car. As long as your...
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    Black Haze Workshop Downpipe and MRTuning

    EGT #1 is in the manifold pre-turbo, no need to worry :) You can data log it under measuring block 99 to confirm it's reading properly.
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    Boost and/or Fueling Issues After 1019 Nozzles and Stage 4

    Should only log one block at a time to increase the frame rate, you have ~400rpm gaps between data points so a lot of boost readings are missing, hard to tell what's going on.
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    Boost and/or Fueling Issues After 1019 Nozzles and Stage 4

    Would be best to only log one block at a time since VCDS has a low frame rate on these ECUs. block 11 will show boost values along with N75 behavior. A stage 4 tune requests 24 psi at sea level. If you have visible smoke out the back, and the ECU is requesting 24 psi but the engine isn't...
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    Who's the guy behind this?

    They're easy to tune now and 24/7 downloads are available ;) Don't think Nate is on here, he's active in the "tdi swapped trucks" facebook group though.
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    Tuning/chips advice, I know old topic...

    tdi performance is definitely a slippery slope and gets expensive, anything past 180-200bhp and ~26psi in an alh can get out of hand. Sure a VNT17 is outdated, small, and not efficient on the top end, but it's a solid reliable OEM unit that's tried and tested at a good price point. Lots of...
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    Tuning/chips advice, I know old topic...

    Sorry we have a lot on the go in the run of a day and are 9-5 pacific. If you find someone who's always immediately responsive in this industry, especially this time of year, I'd be a little suspicious as to why they're not busy. Jeff does good work and is notorious for taking awhile on replies...
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    We didn't receive a single email from Rick from any of his 3 email accounts from october 2019 until this post.
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    Appreciate it chaos, We haven't received any communication from you Richard, either at, my personal email, through a ticket, a phone call, or a pm here. Otherwise we would have looked into this. These are your only posts on this website. If this is a legitimate claim...
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    Boost issues

    not a tuning issue. Have you tried data logging with VCDS under measuring block 11 to get an idea of boost and N75 behavior? any codes? If the EGT #1 isn't seeing a proper signal (measuring block 99) then it will limit power as well. It will throw a code if unplugged.
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    Are PD150 injectors worth it

    For anything larger than the stock turbo, like a gtb1756? Yes. For a stock turbo, no. You will need tuning to account for the injector swap.
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    Malone tuning Stage 2 or 1.5?

    It's not a problem. Peak power on stock turbo setups is usually around 3800-4200rpm though. So if you want more power up top, a bigger turbo would make the most sense rather than trying to over-spool a stock one, especially at altitude. The VNT17 bolts up like factory and is a considerable...
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    Malone tuning Stage 2 or 1.5?

    stage 1.5 intentionally limits torque, stage 2 would be what you're after.
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    beginner power mods

    BRM or BEW? big different between the two. inspect the camshaft and data log the turbo under measuring block 11 with VCDS before any modifications. Diagnostic tool is $200 and will be worth it's weight in gold in the long run.
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    Malone or Kerma tune?

    you've got something going on with the car that probably isn't a tune issue. Start with IQ and pump timing, if it's laggy then you probably have a leak, vnt17 isn't much bigger than stock. A 170-200hp ALH should be able to get 45+ mpg no problem if driven sensibly. sprint 520s or a similar...
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    Which is better mk4 TDI or mk3 TDI

    On a budget: ALH with 216 nozzles and stock turbo. This will be enough torque to go down the road just fine. Add 11mm pump, lift pump, vnt17 etc down the road. no budget/more potential headaches and expense: BHW with a factory GTB1756VK. Maybe start with factory turbo just to get it running...
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    How bad is the smell after DPF delete?

    The 2L and 3L VWs are fine since they have good catalysts. I'd keep the primary cat (pre dpf) on the 3L. If modding a 2L you can keep everything else on the exhaust stock and it'll run cleaner than a factory PD. Ran one of our dev cars like that for years and it's still kicking, cat has not...