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    compatible rims?

    Google up "Roadkill Customs". They have a comprehensive data base of wheel information including interchange information across make and model that sites bolt pattern, bore size, offset, and other such factors. If I remember right, it even spits out a list of what works for you. As a...
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    Tire size suggestion

    Hi : My golf came to me with aftermarket 17" wheels. After adding the metal nerd lift kit I can now run 235/50R17's and Love Them. Oddly enough my speedo is accurate, and fuel economy has not suffered. Here is a Really Good tire size comparison site:
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    Hi: I'm looking for someone close by who could lend their expert eye towards my '03 golf TDI...

    Hi: I'm looking for someone close by who could lend their expert eye towards my '03 golf TDI. Are you still accepting work? I'm close by in Sonoma. Feel free to call or text 415 299-9161. Thanks for now... Andrew
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    Rear lights stopped working .....ideas?

    On mine, the little electrical connections that tie the taillights together Looked intact, but were in fact faulty. They live under the some liner material in the trunk. Seperated the old connections, clean, solder, shrink wrap and done.
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    Good East Bay TDI Mechanics?

    I had Sonoma AutoWerks do a few things for me through the years. They were always done correctly, and very expensive, possibly Overdone. With Mr Phelans departure I'm also wondering where in the north bay I can bring my ALH. Suggestions anybody? Tillmans in Santa Rosa is out- I've had a...
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    Gauging interest on light bars for MKIV platform. Please give me feedback!

    Hi Joe: I'd like to buy one, and I do see that this thread is about 2 years old. Are you still making these? Thanks and let me know
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    2" lift kits for sale

    2"lift kit for '05 passat, si or no? Hi Rich: I am interested in getting my '05 Passat wagon off the ground, higher the better. Will your kits work well in my car? Thanks & hope to hear from you.