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    2005 BEW TDI Jetta Wagon 125K part out

    Do you still have the turbo? Would you ship up to Ontario, Canada? Thanks!
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    Looking for a BHW (04/05 Passat) turbo

    Hi guys, my sister's TDI swapped Allroad's turbo pooped the bed. The vanes have major pitting and the vane plate has some gouging/raised teets on it as well. It could be repaired but a few studs and bolts broke along the way so it's worth replacing if I can source one for a reasonable price...
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    Anyone use these "aftermarket" springs from GermanOEM?

    Thanks! I had already ordered them by the time you posted. I'll take a few before and after photos. I find the back quite a bit higher than the front as-is... so maybe this will even it out a bit.
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    Anyone use these "aftermarket" springs from GermanOEM? The top 3" of my passenger front spring broke, so it clunks and clicks. Pretty annoying. The site says that the results are usually not as intended when installing on a wagon, but these are longer than the Suplex brand springs they have...
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    Ice racing in Gravenhurst..anyone coming up this weekend

    It's our winter carnival and third weekend of being on track.
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    Ice racing

    This car is coming up too....quad turbo Audi LSX swap.
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    Ice racing
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    Ice racing...put some miles on you car and come to Gravenhurst this weekend
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    Ice racing

    Winter carnival this weekend in Gravenhurst Best ice we've ever had. Track is 1.4 klms long, weather looks good for the weekend. Running Sat and Sun.
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    Ice racing
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    Shudder in 5th under hard acceleration from 1.9k to 2.1-2.2k rpm

    I never solved it because I took the car apart shortly after this for a TDI swap into an Audi. The reason I took the car apart was... You guessed it, inner CV joint. It was motivation enough for me to start the swap - why spend money on a new joint or axle when I wouldn't be using it for the...
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    Audi Allroad BHW TDI conversion.

    Which hoses did you use to hook up the AC, and did you use the allroad or the passat condenser? My sister bought a swap and the person who swapped it used (as far as I can tell) the allroad condenser and left the passat hoses/compressor intact, but the one hose will not connect up to the...
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    2003 alh won't start

    Potentially water in fuel and contaminated fuel filter. If everything else checks out replace the fuel filter. I've seen this a few times in winter.
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    Was -40 for us in Gravenhurst. 750w frostheater and the car started on first crank. The new starter helped starts TREMENDOUSLY.
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    Advice on sucky mk4 headlights

    This thread popped up just in time. Looks like ecodes are about $200 shipped with the exchange right now. You can pick up a wide variety of H4 bulb wattages. 55/60 is ****ing stupid if you ask me, no wonder my high beams look identical to my low beams. The headlights are truly pathetic in the...
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    Jetta MK4 tdi just died

    My friend had this happen in his ALH. Ended up being the fuel filter. It would die and take forever to prime again. Changed the fuel filter and it was good.
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    Should I change my starter? And what else?

    Same situation re punctuality this winter. I have a coolant heater (Zerostart) and if it's -10 or colder overnight I plug it in when I go to bed, usually around 10-12pm. I don't bother with timers anymore, the 750w version needs too much time to warm everything up. Starts like summer every...
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    Diesel price...

    Filled up for 91 in Midland at the Mac's/Esso. Better than prices around Muskoka (driving to school). I added 250ml of the white power service.
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    Another bad cold start thread...

    I have exactly the same symptoms, 04 Jetta wagon. Smoke on cold start, stumbly idle for a few seconds. I also changed my cam (unrelated and was bad), new clutch, went to the dealer for glow plug flash and new plugs. I haven't yet tried messing with the glow plug harness, I'll have to look up...