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    Ford ranger TDI

    more pics when you can.. what a find! I too have been on the look out for one for a couple of years now, always find them when funds are low! :{P
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    Festiva TDI possibilities

    Wow, i see i am not the only one who though if shoe-horning a TDI into a little Festy!! Did the project ever happen?? :{)
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    Starting a TDI in Extremely Cold Weather

    Great check list, thank you for all of your time and efforts! :{)
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    Beetle Scanguage Install

    Nice job. I too have a Scan Gauge II. I mounted mine in the lower center of the console just under the Hazard switch, then looped the cable up under the dash and above the steering column up to the OBD port. Nice and clean! :{)
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    Any TDI'rs in North Id, Eastern Wa or Western MT area that would like to get together

    We could meet in the Coeurd'Alene ID area or maybe St Regis Mt or possibly even Spokane Wa for lunch sometime...? :{)
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    00' TDI Beetle

    Surprisingly, our little Beetle is the most comfortable vehicle for my 6'6" 230lb frame to drive. I have driven it for 32 hours straight and was not as sore and stiff as i have been in some of my other cars for only an hours drive! Gotta love them VW seats, man they are comfortable! We bought...
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    Sound Off on Current Diesel Price

    Just off of I-90 in Idaho $2.59, I was complaining to myself about what we have to pay for a gallon of fuel here until i read what some of you are paying...