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    ImpexTDIFest 2013

    I am coming and have a dent in the door and rear panel. These dents are a little bigger then your run of the mill dingy. I will also have to see if the touch painter will be able to do anything with the paint. (They may be to big for them to pull) Already have my paint in a spray can - have a...
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    Impexfest VII May 3, 2008

    be there Just got the Email, checked no kids that weekend. I'll be there - just let us known when the tent raising is. Depending how fast I get around the beltway will depend if I can make the raising. Definately worth watching the Pole Dancing.
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    Impexfest VI - May 4th & 5th, 2007

    I will try to be there one day leaning toward Fri/Sat. I Have to pick either Sat or Sun, have another project that weekend that has to be done. I have a timing belt coming up in a Jetta 03 (next year) and would like to help/watch one being done. Any takers... Had some lights come on this...
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    Impexfest VI - May 4th & 5th, 2007

    Will try to be there. This will be my first time and will not have anything that has to be done at this time. Hopefully, may just ask questions and watch, have a timebelt coming up next year. Count me in
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    Keys Stolen at Dealership

    Keys for our cars are very interesting. From what I know is that there is the normal tumbler lock that will open the physical locks. If you want to have these changed it should not be that hard if you have a key - just have to change all eight of them (4 door, trunk, inside truck, glovebox...
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    Dear Lord, not again... The Beetle visits Stohlman Dealership

    The practice that the dealers do around here it there is a book that has the time that it would take a mechanic to do a task. These numbers are extremely inflated and a mechanic that I know at a local dealership in Va inside the beltway would do 100 hours of billable time a week, he was only...
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    Locked Keys in Car

    Did it to me too I just got my '03 TDI Jetta and was sitting in it with the keys out, reading some of the doc from the dealer. The doors locked on me in a few minutes, Ouch glad I had my keys and was in the car. I got out of the car and tried to see if it would do it while I was out of the...
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    Beer swap at TDIFest

    Forget utz mine is middlesworth potatoe chips Forget utz mine is Middlesworth potatoe chips, Been inporting then into DC for years. Good PChips do not get very far without help. What about some great wine that are local:);):D:p:cool:. Not sure I can make it that weekend. IAD_TDI