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    Do Mk6 15" steel wheels fit a Mk7 GSW?

    Yup. That's what I use from my late Jetta.
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    I've got most of the VW workshop manuals for the 2015 Mk7. They are the originals so no...

    I've got most of the VW workshop manuals for the 2015 Mk7. They are the originals so no updates. I have 17 PDF files, some very large. If you could be specific about your needs, I should be able to get the relevant PDF to you. Cheers
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    MK7 HVAC Aux heater

    Here's what my European copy of the manual says. I haven't checked my 15 to see if I have Module J604. It suggests an 80A heater vice the 100A in the Mk5. 4.13 Auxiliary Heater Heating Element - Z35- with Auxiliary Air Heater Control Module -J604- , Checking Test Conditions • The intake...
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    anyone tow yet with your sportwagen?

    I tow with the DSG in S, better shift points up and down. I ran the power all the way to the battery since I was having difficulty getting access to the 12v source in the trunk. I used the same harness I removed form my 2009 TDI. For that I used the 12v in the trunk. Both locations work fine.
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    Should a '15 GSW TDI S Have a Low Washer Fluid Level Light

    My 15 Trendline has the warning light. It might be a Canadian thing as our Trendline, your S, has the full cold weather package and fog lights as well.
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    2015 GSW - location of Vehicle Information Label

    The vehicle information panel with the VIN, engine code, paint no and options, is located on the chassis under the "Lock Carrier Trim Panel". I found mine yesterday when I was routing wiring for a trailer hitch. The panel comes off without tools but is a hard pull.
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    2009 tdi rattle from EGR a brother out..

    When the EGR filter is installed correctly it will not rattle. It is secured by one 10 mm nut which can be reached, but not seen, from the engine compartment. It should not be impacting on anything. Perhaps when the clutch was replaced this nut was not replaced. It is awkward and I drove for...
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    Ontario TDi owners listing

    01) Jetta_Pilot / Toronto / None yet / Y 02) PharoahTDI / Alliston / General / Y 03) kayakkermit / Woodstock / General / Y 04) Kasper / Belleville / general / Y / bentley 05) decan / Toronto / none yet / N / N 06) BlueKnight / Waterloo / General / Y / bentley 07) Vik F / Bolton (GTA) / many / N...
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    Recommended repair shops near Carleton Place

    Well I went ahead and had the complete job done at Tim's Auto Pro In Carleton Place. I've driven 1000km now and seems like a good job. They did all the rollers, tensioner, coolant pump, serpentine belt and new coolant, cam seal ~ $ 490 with tax. I supplied most parts and bolts.
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    Recommended repair shops near Carleton Place

    About due for my second replacement TB and I don't want to go back to the nearest dealership, I've lost confidence. In this area near Carleton Place ON (Almonte, Perth etc) 75% of the many VW you see are TDIs. There must be a local shop which is trustworthy, but no one advertises as VW...
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    Rusty Fender lip

    The repair I had done at VW expense was not under the perforation warrantee, that only covers through and through rust perforation. My problem was mainly surface corrosion caused after the paint lifted along the panel edge. VW must recognize a design error specific to the TDI that causes this...
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    Rusty Fender lip

    This trouble only occurs with the TDI and VW Canada is covering the repair at VW body shops. I just had mine done at VW expense. (198K km) They took pictures and sent them off to VW. The body shop manager said that the TDI has a piece of foam attached to the inner fender (sound deadening?)...
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    MAF Questions???????

    Lost 2 with new PiperX filter, (over oiled?) at 42K km. No bypass.
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    Replaced two MAFs. Both as a result of PiperCross silicone based oil. The first was right after installing a PiperCross panel filter and presumeably oiling it too generously. Got the CEL and I was not able to clean the MAF using the recommended method. Replaced the OEM filter and the MAF was...
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    Upsolute in Ottawa

    Sunday I had the chip magic done by Rene's brother Louis. Took about 1.5 hours of careful work. I was most impressed with the improvement in 4th and 5th. The Jetta was always a good highway car but now it's fantastic. I highly recommend this to any TDIers in the Ottawa area.