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    02 jetta TDI injector pump

    a good used pump might be $300- 500. surely there must be a competant , experienced mechanic locally.
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    What can be done to increase fuel economy?

    increase tire pressure
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    Fix or sell

    I dont always agree with what mongler posts on this site , but given your admitted unfamiliarity with mechanical repairs , I think he is 100% on the money here............ get rid of this apparent lemon!!!!!!!!!
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    Time to replace my springs, shock/struts.

    Bilstein all the way , all day , everyday
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    Diesel price...

    well like the famous philospher, ralph klein, once said "let the eastern bastards freeze in the dark" diesel is still less than $1.80 in alberta
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    My TDI got hit last weekend, and I need help

    It might be different in Arizona, but in Canada in your situation you do not deal directly with the other drivers insurance company . Your own agent should be willing to fight on your behalf. When my daughter got rear ended last year , her insurance agent was able to negotiiate a...
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    Sold.sold. 2004 bew jetta gls auto sedan, .Queens New York price drop 4700.00

    This has now been listed for six months and not even one query from potential purchasers. Am I the only one who thinks $4700 is extremely optimistic for a tdi with an auto tranny??
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    2013 TDI Golf New turbo from dealer

    Your VW dealer has failed to correctly identify the problem and is now throwing expensive parts at your vehicle. He has clearly indentified his lack of competanccy. Take your car somewhere else..... ANYWHERE
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    Price check on 2002 2dr Golf?

    maybe $3000 if your lucky
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    Damaged Firad +160% nozzle

    how much money do you intend wasting on defective sub standard products???
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    Dealer Claims DEF is Frozen

    At what point do you decide that these DEF vws are not suitable for use in sub zero temperatures , and trade your vw in for a Toyota or a Honda???. Its not like you can hope that next winnter will not drop below say minus 10
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    BHW nightmare. Still stutters. Replaced soo much

    Monglers suggestion to buy an older Toyota is well intentioned but when I look at the OP's post history , I would suggest buying a bicycle would provide more reliable transportation , compatible with his lack of mechanical skills as well as his well demonstrated tendency...
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    BHW nightmare. Still stutters. Replaced soo much

    So you dont have the necessary tools , ebay is your primary source of parts , and *** is a stag tune....... never heard of it. And you wonder why your troubleshooting efforts are unsucessful????????? Some mothers children leave a lot to be desired
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    Anyone noticed their fuel drains quicker recently?

    hows your neighbour doing these days with oil at $100 per barrel???
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    Anyone noticed their fuel drains quicker recently?

    your neighbour is getting pretty good FE with his truck , but then again he's also getting pretty good with his siphon hose
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    Oil leaking around fuel injectors and down back side of engine

    and exactly how are we to know???
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    Are gas vw jetta/passat worth it vs diesel?

    2003 tdis are ideal but ONLY if you can do all your own maintenance. Then only YOU can determine what is truly important... fuel efficiency , towing ability , off road ability. Make up your mind and go forward. Despite what you presently believe ...
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    Starter for 99 golf tdi

    please provide less details