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    MKV Jetta MFD upgrade

    I know it's in the forums, somewhere! I have an 06 Jetta TDI PD 1.9 5 speed "base model". I would like to upgrade the Multi Function Display. Right now it's OAT, Odometer, Tripometer, Date, & Time. I know I'll need a new steering wheel, the module under the column, and a display unit with...
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    EGR cooler control ?'s

    ok thx. Your diagram does not show the factory installed check valve at the egr cooler either. My diagram is very close to what yours reads. The diagram, on my core support, does not, match the vacuum hoses on the engine the factory has installed.
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    EGR cooler control ?'s

    06 Jetta, 1.9ltr BRM PD TDI, 160K, 5 speed I have had this car since new. I love this thing. A few issues, nothing very serious, to me anyway. I have looked through all the threads on an egr cooler seach and not found what I'm looking for. So, new thread. I had a coolant hose fail (oil...
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    Bump Bump Bump
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    Yes, there is a lot of good information in there. There are also things that happen and go on that are not in the owners manual, even if you are following the manuals, Owner, Shop, ect. This is what I am always looking for.
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    No not towed off. Being towed. I am planning on towing my MKV TDI Jetta, 5 speed, behind our Motorhome as our "toad". Anyone else done this? Issues? What's your setup? Our MH came with a Roadmaster "Falcon 2" tow bar. We have the adapter setup. Looking at the wiring now...
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    alternator clutch delete

    Any one done an alternator clutch delete on there TDI? I have an '06 Jetta TDI. I am looking into an upgraded AM alternator. Any down side to doing this? THX, Mike
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    06 jetta tdi performance??

    I've run the replacement K&N Filter in the factory air box for over 75K mile with ZERO ISSUES. Oiled air filters causing MAF sensor is an old wife's tale. I clean the MAF sensors on all 4 of my vehicles, regardless or what type of filter is installed, at every oil change as a standard...
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    With the help of my son, He bounced the car while I crawled under, I found the lower sway bar end link had come loose. A little lock-tite on the threads and tighten up the nut. All more better!
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    Auto door lock when trunk is closed - How to disable?

    Mine used to do the same thing. Locked the car whenever you closed the trunk. Hated that! Almost locked the keys in at a fuel stop. I had left the keys in the ignition, the wife was in the car, got something out of the cooler (we were on a road trip, have to have cool drinks available)...
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    Stereo help power help.

    I have a Kenwood stereo installed in my 06 TDI Jetta. The unit will not shut down when the key is off. I have to shut off the head unit manually each time I exit the car. This sucks! I have checked that there is not a crossed wire in the adapter harness and that the switch 12v+ source...
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    Which engine oil extractor?

    I have 2of the Mighty-vac units. One I use only for coolant. Both can be use to extract or fill fluids. By using them in the garage it saves a LOT of cleanup! I also have a Motive Product pressure filler that is used for 90wt servicing. (I have several vehicles that I service for my family)...
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    Ok, '06 Jetta TDI, 130K. All new struts, all new rotors & pads, alignment, new rear hubs, new snow/ winter tires. All less than 10k ago. Now, new clunk in front end when hitting a bump. I've rechecked all the fastener torques, all good. I've got it on my lift and found some play in...
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    2006 Jetta Rear wheel bearing.

    Yesterday I started to replace the brake rotors and pads, along with the struts and shocks. Started at the rear. Rear brake rotors are welded to the hubs with corrosion, Thanks Mag chloride! So next step is, take the rear hub bolt out and try and press the hub out of the rotor ----- nope...
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    Wheel Paint

    Cool Thx!
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    Wheel Paint

    I have a 2006 Jetta. 17in factory 10 spoke wheels. This winter the clear coat, on several of my wheels, has given up. It's cracked, chipped, & flaking. The mag-chloride that's put on the roads here in Colorado is starting to stain the wheels and has started corrosion migrating under the...
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    Rabbit proofing

    This evening when I turning my lights on, the lamp out indicator illuminated instantly. We drove home where a walk around inspection showed the left front marker lamp was out. Grabbed a screwdriver, a pit mat to lay on, pulled my new fog light grill out, what did I find ----- the wires to the...
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    Jetta Rear Tire Cupping

    2006 Jetta TDI, 115K miles This is the second set of tires I've had this problem with. Right rear tire cupps so bad it sounds like the beaings are about to fail. Bearings are good, zero play, no noise from bearings, no grease leaking out. Suspension looks good, nothing loose, nothing...
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    Headlight Upgrade????

    2006 Jetta TDI, 5 Speed. I am about to repolish my headlights for the umpteenth time. So I'm think it's time to replace them --- or is it time for an upgrade! Ok, Upgrade!!! Besides looking cooler than the stock reflector lights, what real life advantages are there to the projector style...
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    MAF Sensor ?'s

    I looking THX