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    What time frame did the dealer give you?

    Ordered Aug. 24. Apparently, passat will arrive this weekend for pickup from dealership early next week. The production estimates seem quite accurate.
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    DSG lugging?

    tdiatlast: are you following DriveByWire's break-in recommendations?
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    DSG lugging?

    capt. common rail: what do you mean by 'lug a bit at 40mph'? I have never seen any threads about it with the 2012 passat.
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    Proud new owner of a Silver 2012 Passat TDI SE.

    We will never know how 17s differ from 18s fuel wise unless tested in same conditions on same road on same day. Any takers?
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    Real World MPG with DSG

    Thanks for posting LuckyBob! It is very reassuring to see those numbers and rpm with the DSG.
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    new car time

    Interesting test from a recent car and driver... Based on this and comments about ride and quietness, I picked the 17 inch wheels. However, haven't actually tested them yet as car currently being built!
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    You bet ;) every car/truck sold in Canada has a block heater... However, I bet less than 10% actually use them, especially in Toronto. You're saying that's not an option for US models? Ridiculous.
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    What time frame did the dealer give you?

    I ordered a black/black TDI Highline with Nav and DSG on Aug. 24 and my assigned production week is Nov. 21. It is expected to be delivered to dealership the week of Dec. 19, 2011. Very excited...
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    When is the Passat TDI wagon coming back to NA?

    I don't want to wait until 2011. Thanks.
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    Buying a 2004.5 Passat TDI

    Thanks for the advice! John
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    Buying a 2004.5 Passat TDI

    Question #1 What options do you recommend for the new TDI Passat? What I'm really getting at here is whether the ESP is worth the money. Question #2 Why doesn't VW sell the Passat 4motion TDI in North America? That would be the perfect car for Canadian winters. Thanks for your help. John...
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    Timing Belt Failures Survey

    oh yeah, serpentine belt looks like it needs replacing (lots of cracks) whereas the timing belt looks as good as new. why the discrepancy?
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    Timing Belt Failures Survey

    98 Jetta TDI purchased June 1998 Downtown VW in Thunder Bay, Ontario changed timing belt for first time last week. total cost: $490 cdn, ($100 tensioner, $60 belt, $50 serpentine belt) 107 000 km = 67 000 miles
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    Nice April Fool Mr Wolfsberg !!!

    Who in their right mind would use frying oil in a TDI? What kind of lubricating properties does canola oil offer? Surely it would also 'fry' the injector pump (i.e. too much friction). What is worse, changing a timing belt at 65K miles or using cooking oil instead of diesel fuel? Something...
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    TDI vs Honda Insight ?

    Here's a Car and Driver road test of the Honda Insight. It's a good read for those interested. Seems like the car at full charge is powerful enough. Certainly better mileage than a TDI, but overall has less practicality than TDI. IF all you care about is mileage records though, clearly the...
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    How far can you go before changing the timing belt?

    BKmetz- Seems like all the articles you posted refer to timing belts after the first change. These stories are examples of shoddy dealer repairs (i.e. failure to replace tensioner along with belt). I'll be sure to maintain close communication with mechanics while the timing belt is being...
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    How far can you go before changing the timing belt?

    Why do you think 60K is the time to change it? Just because VW says its time to change it do you trust them? They're the same company that gives you 15K miles per year on a lease with the TDI, an engine that should have a much greater max mileage per year than the gas. VW doesn't seem to pay...
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    How far can you go before changing the timing belt?

    How long do you figure a well-maintained 98 Jetta TDI can go before a timing belt change is necessary? The jetta has 104 000 kilometers (65K miles) on it. It is plugged in before starting during the winter (winter oil used is a low viscosity full synthetic mobil delvac). Shifts are usually...
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    TDI vs. Normal TD..

    The TDI engine is very relaxed at any speed. It can cruise at 100km/hr as easily as it can at 160 km/hr (100mph). Its quieter than a gasoline engine of comparable size because in fifth gear it runs at a lower engine speed (probably a solid 1000 rpm lower). With the TDI, passengers often think...