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    Buyback COMPLETED Car is now in Dealership Lot

    Returned my Passat Tdi Tues @2:30P, got the email confirmation of buyback details receipt while I was at the Dealer, Got the EFT email Wed night, the money was in my bank acct Friday Morning
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    For Sale Ross-Tech VCDS Mico-CAN used '12 passat

    Purchased Feb 2016, Paid $249, looking to get $180 Shipped (Insurance Extra), comes with original box, receipt, cable, box and instructions. I'm located in Los Angeles for local pickup. I used this for my '12 Passat TDI, message me for pics,
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    2016 Passat BiTDI

    don't forget it costs around $60k loaded
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    How to: Replacing the Adblue Heater & Temp Sensor Module

    just ordered the adblue heater kit, getting the P202B and the 10k ohm thermistor did not work....decided to fix it since I will not know when my amble gets low with that error code.
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    How to: Replacing the Adblue Heater & Temp Sensor Module

    I have the added 10K thermistor and dropped it in the adblue tank but I'm still getting a P202B short to gnd, i soldered the black and white wires per another posters setup, I don't live in subzero temps but sometimes go up to the snow so I wanted to add the thermistor instead of the resistor...