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  1. oilhammer

    1998 TDI ALH new beetle axle starting to fail

    Rebuild the originals. Chaxles are junk.
  2. oilhammer

    P00C6 "Minimum pressure not reached" Possible bad HPFP?

    I don't think diesels do that.... the injectors self vent, and it should be able to build rail pressure within a few seconds. They do need to be cranking fast... any weak battery, slow crank, etc. will make it worse.
  3. oilhammer

    2006 VW Beetle TDI

    Mechatronics Unit, your DSG transmission's integrated control unit and valve body, which has all the sensors and everything. Tools required to change one are nothing special, aside from a scan tool to reset the Adaptations once the new unit is installed (it needs to be taught how to shift)...
  4. oilhammer

    ProMaster diesel info

    You must live in a different universe than me. I played heck trying to get a parking brake cable for my '97 F250. EVERY part I've ever needed for my F-trucks in the last 10 years has been NLA from Ford. Factory Motor Parts (a wholesaler) often picks up Motorcraft branded stuff that Ford...
  5. oilhammer

    TDI on fire

    Liquid rocket fuel can be made from water. ;) (Hydrogen + Oxygen)
  6. oilhammer

    P00C6 "Minimum pressure not reached" Possible bad HPFP?

    I no longer have ETKA (that computer finally died), so I cannot look stuff up... BUT .... VAG is pretty good about putting part numbers on just about everything. Can you see any on the rail pressure sensor and rail pressure regulator and verify they are the same?
  7. oilhammer

    P00C6 "Minimum pressure not reached" Possible bad HPFP?

    Verify the timing belt and tensioner are still correct? Probably not the issue, but it does happen: Also, and again, not your problem as I don't see it causing a no start, but the injector numbers have to be input...
  8. oilhammer

    P00C6 "Minimum pressure not reached" Possible bad HPFP?

    OK, so A5 to A5, automatic to manual. Was the '10 engine running when you took it out? Do you know any history on it? Did it get a new belt put on? Check the inlet screen in the little black plastic nub on the inlet fuel line assembly (right before the HPFP). What about the intercooler...
  9. oilhammer

    2006 VW Beetle TDI

    It probably needs a new M-unit, and it is most likely NLA from Volkswagen. But he could certainly check. It is specific to JUST that car with JUST that engine, which was only sold here for JUST three years.
  10. oilhammer

    Weird start problem cjaa

    Thanks for reporting back. These timing belts have a few critically important steps, one of which is the proper tensioning with the nut loose enough to allow the eccentric to turn, but not too loose OR too tight to inhibit this motion, along with the crank locked and both the HPFP and cam...
  11. oilhammer

    P00C6 "Minimum pressure not reached" Possible bad HPFP?

    Not sure on what models you are dealing with here. A 2010 Jetta sedan (A5) and a 2012 Jetta sedan (NCS) are two completely different cars. And they have two completely different engine harnesses, despite both being CJAAs. The Jetta wagon is still an A5 platform, even in 2012. I don't think...
  12. oilhammer

    real world EVs review

    EVERYONE gets some sort of subsidy/payout from the gov't. Heck, you needn't even be a citizen, much less an actual taxpayer. That's really much of the problem in a nutshell. Because keeping score is virtually impossible, and since they can just keep printing more money, there really is no...
  13. oilhammer

    How do I find my engine code?
  14. oilhammer

    How do I find my engine code?

    Normally etched into the block, usually right below the cylinder head surface area, on the oil filter side of the engine. Do you see the flat place it would be? Often buried and not easy to see.
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    2003 2dr Golf
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    2003 2dr Golf
  17. oilhammer

    real world EVs review

    The only thing that seems to be "taking off" (as in, moving out) in Califailia is a bunch of businesses and retail stores. I don't look to them as a sign of something to strive for, although downtown STL does evidently have a nice homeless camp, complete with fecal piles and discarded drug needles.
  18. oilhammer

    glow plug light flashing after installing boost gauge

    All cars, but ESPECIALLY German ones, are finicky about scan tools. The "generic" OBD2 stuff only lets you into a small section of the ECU, because that car's engine control system is essentially speaking two languages, and it isn't very good at one of them. You get a proper scan tool that...
  19. oilhammer

    Diesel particulate filter

    Blown up turbo, blown up engine, take out the deNOx catalyst behind the DPF, reduced power, etc. Your car is broken. It needs to be fixed.
  20. oilhammer

    glow plug light flashing after installing boost gauge

    You need a better scan tool.