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    SF Bay Area Thread

    try to get there early. according to Kenny they are expecting 150 peoples.
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    SF Bay Area Thread

    GTG at Tomas sport tuning on mar 26 2006 (sunday)
  3. turbo


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    cam seal

    thanks for all the reply.
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    cam seal

    is there any cam seal replacement write-up? how hard is it? thanks
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    Fuel Leak

    fuel prime your fuel filter. remove the little tee with a mickey mouse clip fill the filter with power service or fuel. you were able to drive with the fuel what was left in the fuel filter. if it is about time to replace your filter might as well do it now
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    Where to buy Viton Fuel line?

    viton try
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    Winter's here! Stop using the parking brake!

    check parking brake rubber boots should be part of routine maintainence. it you found the boot is busted just replace the whole cable. the cable is in a little angle up so if the boot is busted the dust get inside the cable. the flexible cable makes a lot of turn getting to the handle. i think...
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    How do I get my favorites?

    i try to follow the instruction to move my favorites. i can't find "forum tool". thanks
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    Convert '69 bug to TDI

    conversion will DMV approve the change? if not you will not be able to register ?
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    Getting that blasted intercooler out.

    tool you will need a flexible hose clamp to do the job. sk is good. do a google search for sk flexible hose clamp.
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    99.5 Drivers door lock

    it is pretty common. my 99.5 is having the same problem. see previous thread.
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    Techron in diesel fuel?

    i once knew a technician, who works for chevron techron lab about adding techron in diesel car. she came back with the answer from her manager that techron are not for diesel car.
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    Changed MAF & after a week CEL

    Re: Changed MAF & after a week CEL it is your glow plug or harness or both. the cel only comes on after a few second and the car drive fine.
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    Coolant temp sensor problems? Cold Start Issue

    Re: Coolant temp sensor problems? Cold Start Issu have your check your battery lately? are you still with your oem battery?if so it is about time for a new one.
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    Won't Start

    Won\'t Start try this. loosen the nut (just quarter turn)on top of the injector and have some one crank the engine once to get the air out of the line.. do this for all the injector one at a time. wrap a cloth around the injector so no fuel will be spraying out. read the FAQ injector replacement.
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    Front Door Sagging on Golf Mk4(A4)

    i have the same problem with both door of my 99.5 golf. i have a 2 door. the upper corner was hitting the door frame and paint starting to chip off. this is what i did. i removed the bottom hinge and placed a thin aluminum shim. you need a 8mm (?)triple square torx.
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    Will diesel run with timing belt off 1 notch??

    he supposed to check with vagcom (he might not have)to see if the timing is correct. for the engine mount bolts sheared. he might not have replaced the engine mount bolts, which are one time used only. that is the same story happening over and over again. taking car to their trusted garage who...
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    Lopey idle and CEL.

    it is your glow plugs or harness or both. it is very common if you have 70,000 miles or more.
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    Hatch delayed locking/ alarm ???

    you are not the only one. i am having the same problem too. here is the link that i have save as favorite. i am just about to take it apart and fixe it.