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    96 Passat Cluster gone.........

    I saw some of these Elmos 10417A listed for sale. Is this the Fix for a Dead 96 -97 B4 Cluster? And or any confirmed shops that can actually repair one? Thats still in Business.
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    1997 passat tdi brush guard

    There is nothing you can mount on a car that will push a 5 foot buck out of the way its like hitting a Brick wall. Deer whistles are on every car in PA. You know how it is once they are binded by Headlights they dont move. Mount a siren the noise will scare them off .
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    1997 passat tdi brush guard

    I grew up in Bradford PA every one used deer whistles on the front of cars and trucks. One got creative and used a Fog Horn at night to scare Deer off. You hit a full size deer direct its going into the windshield of any car. Best advice drive the passat in daytime only . Truck with a snow plow...
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    Mk3 jetta turn signal stalk

    The turn single stalk with cruise control is not available. new anymore Examples of NOS on ebay have seen prices. of $300 to $500. Have you sorced one
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    1997 passat smoke

    What was the recommendation on replacement of the crank gear? Some thing like after one hundredth and fifity thousand miles? Or when the 3 timing belt change is due if i recall. Any chance this so called 1997 passat still has the BK ECU With the fifth injector operating? That would account for...
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    Cylinder wall scoring / Low oil pressure

    Plastic Gauge the Bearings clearance Mains can be replaced with the crank installed If to loose on the clearance 1 piece of newspaper on the bottom of a bearing shell is worth 1/2 of a Thousandths (old factory/machine's trick) Possibly shim the oil pump spring to.
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    How far on bad wheel bearing

    Have not checked yet about interchange ability. But would like 2000 New Beetle Sub Shafts Work with the better wheel bearing design? The patern is 5 on 100 same as a VR6. It could be cheep Junk Yard available parts. But i would love to see Garciapianos conversion.
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    Intermittent turn signal issue

    Do you have the turn signal switch with cruise control?
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    1996 passat tdi idle lope

    Who makes the Best Tune for Our B4 TDI cost no option
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    ‘98 TDI Won’t Stay Running for more than 1 second PLEASE HELP :(

    I am guessing there is no power going to the injection pump. Do Relay 180 that he said is stuck control power to the injection pump? There is some Great Experience Experts Here that Would Know
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    1996 passat tdi idle lope

    I was wondering what X Tool model works on OBD D My Xtool PS90 model wont Thanks
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    ‘98 TDI Won’t Stay Running for more than 1 second PLEASE HELP :(

    You need to use a test light to make sure power is there on both sides of the Fuse holder Hot one side Ground on other. Even if fuse is not blown. I would Suggest Seams if the injection pump is not getting power to adjust it will be doing What you are experiencing
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    ‘98 TDI Won’t Stay Running for more than 1 second PLEASE HELP :(

    Check fuse 15 , 16 and 18 FB for power at sockets and condition
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    ‘98 TDI Won’t Stay Running for more than 1 second PLEASE HELP :(

    Take a test lead from Battey + to the fuel shut off selonoid right above the pump injection lines. You should hear it click then see if it says running with direct power going to it
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    Fitment issues with Cascade German Gee Bee silicone 3-way coolant hose to cylinder head

    I have heard before others having problems. With the 3 way hose
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    How far on bad wheel bearing

    The most safe would bite the bullet and get the tow truck. The Bearing Race could have like allmost welded itself to the spindle. Making a roadside repair almost impossible. Also the rotor hub might be damaged were the bearings races just fall out now. If the wheel comes off it could destroy...
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    2 Meter RF noise! Please help

    Try Disconnecting Battery + Wire to the Alternator. Sounds like length of time the Alternator would be energized. And then denergized. Could be one way diodes or other failed There is no Lift Pump in our Beloved 1996 Passat's if that helps.
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    Rear struts rubbing

    The stacking spacers was told to me from the (Manufacturer) of them. So if some one needed a 30mm and a 5mm and 25mm stacking was a (Design) made into them from the (Manufacturer) There is times when there out of one size for months so. In my case i just purchased all of them.
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    Rear struts rubbing

    You can get Spendel Spacers in.5mm 10mm 15mm 20mm and 25mm And stack them even. Like add 5mm and 15 Wide tires on back of a B4. Is not a easy fix Coilovers on mine with 17 x 8 wheels Tires were with in 3/8 of the adjusters.