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    FS: 2" hitch receiver for Bosal hitches (Tesla model X) $220 shipped El Sobrante, California

    bump... going to try one more time before posting this on eBay. I'd rather it go to helping someone safely tow with a TDI, but need to get rid of it.
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    FS: 2" hitch receiver for Bosal hitches (Tesla model X) $220 shipped El Sobrante, California

    Thanks! This quote seems to clarify the issue a lot: So this is the newer (post 2011?) style, with the triangular alignment bosses.
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    FS: 2" hitch receiver for Bosal hitches (Tesla model X) $220 shipped El Sobrante, California

    Do you have any more information on this? I have used these for years and have never heard of or encountered this issue. Are you perhaps talking about the bolt on vs quick release hitch models? This is the quick release version, but there is also a bolt one one that isn't really considered...
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    FS: 2" hitch receiver for Bosal hitches (Tesla model X) $220 shipped El Sobrante, California

    Are you wondering about the condition of this item, or the general design? You will find better photos than I can take if you just search "bosal 2" adapter" on Google Images. For example this photo I found online (not my unit):
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    FS: 2" hitch receiver for Bosal hitches (Tesla model X) $220 shipped El Sobrante, California

    I am selling a 2" receiver adapter made by Bosal, which is the best way to get a proper 2" receiver on most of our VWs. This will fit onto the quick disconnect style Bosal euro hitches. This was sold new with the Tesla Model X, and includes the Tesla padded carrying case, and keys. After doing a...
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    FS: SOLD! Metalnerd ALH A4/NB Timing Belt Tool Kit $150 Bay area, California

    Edit: SOLD I am selling a complete MetalNerd timing belt tool kit (7 special tools) for the ALH A4/NB kit #MNA4KIT7PC. It was used just once to replace the belt on my 2001 TDI Golf, and everything is in perfect condition. I am asking $150 OBO + shipping or free pickup in El Sobrante California...
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    Towing advice needed

    A WDH puts a strong twisting force on a hitch- it should only be used on hitches engineered for this type of load, e.g. those on american trucks. OEM euro hitches could fail catastrophically with load vectors they weren't engineered to handle. There is a messy looking brace you can add to a euro...
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    Towing advice needed

    Replace your brake fluid with high boiling point fluid at least annually, and have trailer brakes also if it's over 1000# or so. Get an audible alarm on the engine temp (and trans if auto)-the Torque app w/ a bluetooth OBD reader is what I use. A euro hitch is expensive but worth every penny...
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    2014 Q7 TDI - #dieselgate upgrade

    I love the webasto install, I need to start planning that for my Touareg. Could you share roughly the time and cost involved? I'm in the same boat as you- had a Golf but mostly used it for family road trips + mild offroading. My Touareg is a huge improvement... but I wish it had air...
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    Sound Off on Current Diesel Price

    I also wonder if we'll see a rise of common rail HPFP failures due to water contamination, if fuel is sitting unused storage tanks. +1 delivery people and grocery store workers are fighting on the front lines for us, I don't think it's a great time to ask them to lower shipping prices
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    2010 vw Touareg 3.0 tdi

    The image is sideways, and so large it's almost impossible to view or reply to this thread on my small laptop. In any case, I think this is an EGR code, and should be eligible for free repair at a dealership under the post-fix warranty.
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    Timing Belt on ALH....risky DIY job?

    They key is conscientiousness- extreme conscientiousness can allow a beginner to do just as well as an experienced and skilled person, albeit much slower. Go really really really slow, and don't cut any corners. If you're not 100% sure what to do next, stop and read/ask people. If you're not...
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    Touareg '16TDI TPMS

    Wow, that's a great idea, but so simple... it's crazy they haven't been doing that since the first ABS cars in the 80s.
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    VW Diesel to 727 Torqueflite

    I had a 1986 Isuzu Trooper turbo diesel with 80hp engine and 3340 lbs curb weight, so about 42lbs/hp. It was dangerously slow up any kind of grade- I was a sitting obstacle for fully loaded semi trucks and my passengers were terrified. I'm used to driving extremely slow vehicles (air cooled VWs...
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    2020 NorCal GTG

    -You can have 15 vehicles, would we even have that many? -Several people in this thread live in Alameda county and can reserve. -I didn't find the part about locked gates online, but I'm sure there is some way to easily come and go if they are renting it regularly to large groups with lots of cars.
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    2012 82k, Ck Engine Lt, Exhaust Leak, DEF Issues.

    It's pretty annoying how they seem to fight everyone honoring the post-fix warranty... it's not much of a warranty if it takes a lot of hassle and time to get them to pay for things.
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    2020 NorCal GTG

    I'd suggest one of the three group camps in Tilden Regional park in the east bay hills: Gillespie, New Woodland, or Wildcat. Only $75-125/night TOTAL for up to 50-75 people. The area also has endless canyon roads with little traffic on the weekends...