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    2017 Jetta SEL TSI

    Good evening. I know this is not a diesel but it is from the purchase from the buy back. The TAC does not go over 4K and when I am traveling over 60MPH there is a burnt smell. Below 60 everything is fine. Thanks in advance
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    Oh lovely. "Expired ID"

    It is also against the law to use your social security number for anything else but social security
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    Buy Back Option Question

    in one word Trump
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    Buy Back Option Question

    Who really thinks that VW is not going to try to weasel out of the buy back now?
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    Stolen Lug bolts

    This morning my son walked out to his 2002 Jetta TDI, All the lug bolts were gone except for locking lugs. What is this world coming to?
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    ALH Rebuilt tools

    Update Update: Thanks for all the input. Tonight's findings: a. the oil was only 1,5 quart low.. b. the engine runs a bit noisy but no cel c. found oil leak from the valve cover gasket and the EGR valve. d. a Lot of red oil on top of the auto transmission towards the back side of the...
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    ALH Rebuilt tools

    We have a oil starved ALH engine and am thinking about rebuilding it. The engine turns over and idles ok. Toned of gray smoke when it first starts. Over the next week or so I plan on a. pulling the valve cover b. pulling the Head c. pulling the oil pan there is oil in the antifreeze What...
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    Shifter will not come out of gear

    Brake lights are fine. If you shutdown and restart the car everything works fine. It has to be a wiring issue, After the storm passes I guess I will inspect some more wiring. Thanks for the input
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    Shifter will not come out of gear

    I have a 2010 Jetta TDI DSG sometimes after I start the car I cannot shift out of Park. There are no fault codes generated. However the EPS light comes on. How is the EPS integrated with the DSG?
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    Who's gonna do DSG service?

    Did my DSG two weeks ago. $172.00 including lift time. What difference it made to the performance. At the rate the buy back is going, it maybe a couple of years before VW gets around to buying back our vehicles. The last thing I heard was that there is no real fix for the 2010's, Second...
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    New Dieselgate Forum

    What? What does the EPA have to do with this! VW cheated and Lied to the EPA and consumers about the emissions on the TDI. VW had the choice to meet the requirements but they did not.
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    2010 Jetta TDI Staling

    Thanks for the inputs. I changed the DSG fluid and performed the VCDS DSG Engaged Calibration, clutch adaption, and Defined test drive. I still have the stalling issue. I am concentrating in a cabling check around the DSG filter, this issue came to life after the stealership performed the...
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    2010 Jetta TDI Staling

    I have a 2010 Jetta TDI which when it is over 90 F when I come to a stop then to proceed the car stalls. No CEL, no codes, When I run a VCDS test nothing. I in the process of looking over the cabling to and from the CPS. Is there a temp sensor on the DSG?
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    Why does the buyback start in October?

    I think that they are just getting away with ripping people off by making us put more miles on our vehicles so they can reduce the payback. Why not base it on the odometer reading when we registered for the two VW credit cards. How many people are going to be forced to put $$$ into their VWs...
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    ALH Intake cleaning

    Is there anyone in the Dover Delaware area experienced in cleaning a 2002 Jetta intake? I am thinking of doing my sons and may need some help.
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    Looking for Relay 109 on 2009 Jetta Sportwagen TDI??

    109 J317 does the same as the 109 in the 2009 + its in the fuse box next to the battery. On the top of the relay it is marked as 100 cost $20.00
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    What Injectors shall I use

    I have a rocket chip stage 2 tune should I go with the DLC 520 Stage 2? everything else is stock.
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    What Injectors shall I use

    I have a 2002 Jetta TDI wit an automatic transmission. I am looking into changing out my injectors. Which one would I get to work with the automatic transmission? PP357?
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    IDParts Security Breach

    In the near future the banks policy for responsibility for any transaction is going to be the "Point of Sales" responsibility, not the banks, then there is EMI cards.....
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    IDParts Security Breach

    Were they following PCI security requirements