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    WTB: Looking for manual trans 5 SPD for 2005 mk4. Located in Calgary

    It looks like shipping costs have gone up , but I bought an EUH with about 80K miles on it, from this eBay seller/store: At the time, it was about $400 to my door. VG condition, good seller
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    fs: BRM turbo (upgrade?) Garrett part #778445-5002S

    Not mine, but just ran across this listing: $500 NOS, packaging damaged it seems. Seller also says bought at storage auction. When I looked up the numbers the seller referenced, this was the top link...
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    FS Random MK4 Parts, ALH Cluster

    Is the V2 FlashZilla still available? If so, I'll take it!
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    2015 Passat TDI
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    2010 Tiguan TDI 4motion 6 speed manual FS in Florida

    Sorry for delay in responding, Bobbie - I'll have to take a pass this time. Cool rig though, GLWS!!!
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    FS: 2012 VW Tiguan TDI/DSG - Greenville, SC SOLD

    That 7 speed was also used in Passat, Q3, but is still looks hard to find/expensive (DQ500). Is this the same: ? But almost 4 grand, shipped yikes! Might contact seller teilehandel14 directly, I imagine you've tried Frans already.
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    Turbo Identification

    These were sold as Garrett gt-1749vb, aka VNT-17.
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    Tandem Pump Leak: New Beetle 2006 Questions

    Gates or Contitech, from any reputable vendor. Be sure and get full kit with new tensioning roller and water pump. The water pumps can't be trusted to survive a 2nd 100k miles. Probably ought to get a new set of harmonic balance bolts. They are inset hex and out of four (x4) bolts at least one...
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    WANTED 06 TDI 5 Speed Transmission

    I've used this eBay seller in Germany (teilehandel14), for an EUH 5-speed, 85K miles on it, in fine condition. Here's one for a Passat/longitudinal: Mine was less than $400 shipped to door. The listing above shows about $300, shipped DHL. I think was...
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    06 Beetle TDI for sale

    Good start, you know what they say about a picture...
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    1996 Passat GLX TDI Wagon. California car. Zero rust. 61K on body.

    So, in FL I could put antique plates on it. I'd need to go to the flea market to get with the guy who'd have 1996 FL tag to throw on. Pretty cool. Would the HexNet Ross-Tech cable be the appropriate one to use (, is what I've got). Don't know much about b4 cars. Except they must be Even...
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    Increasing Blowby and oil seeping from injector plug

    One thing which hasn't been mentioned, check the condition of the vacuum supply hose and connection at the back of the vacuum pump. (, The main one supplying the brake booster and rest of the vacuum lines) IF you have a leak there, the pump exhausts the air it's pumping down - into the...
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    Very Slow Coolant Leak

    The best/definitive way to find these aggravating leaks: - with engine Cold, reservoir full, car perhaps on stands or ramps for access and better view of things - Pump up the system with a cooling system pump, reservoir adapter to suit the car Now, look for / listen for leaks. The main reason...
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    1996 Passat GLX TDI Wagon. California car. Zero rust. 61K on body.

    When / how many miles back was the timing / coolant service done?
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    (2) Brand New CAT 1R-0750 Fuel Filters for Sale.

    Actually, I realize I was PM'ing with another member who had a number of these filters for sale. Sorry Pat - the visual formatting of the Private message threads is so similar I got confused. I'm all set, hopefully someone else will jump on these.
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    (2) Brand New CAT 1R-0750 Fuel Filters for Sale.

    Yes, thanks. I just saw your number on shipping, that's fine no problem. Will PP you shortly.
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    (2) Brand New CAT 1R-0750 Fuel Filters for Sale.

    PM me your PP, I'll take them. I trust shipping to 32309 won't be $$. Thanks, Tom
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    Head gasket or possible egr cooler?

    Okay, it was the head gasket after all - good you were up to diving right into it. That rain tray Does intrude quite a bit! I had mine go bad at 320k miles, more or less the same area in between cylinders 2 and 3. Someone (likely oilhammer) commented that's the usual area because those to are...