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    2013 VW Passat TDI SEL FOR SALE

    So.... what's issue are you having that they can't fix the issue? That might help potential buyers and get a feel of what it's worth.
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    Flashing Glow Plug Light & Loss of Power...

    I responded to your DM. Sorry about not seeing this sooner. It was under warranty and supposedly it was an electrical issue that someone from VWoA had to fix it. I was simply told it was a relay going back causing the issue and was maybe 12" +- further down from where they were looking...
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    Going on 16 months in shop

    We got our car back and there is a strong odor coming from the engine. I don't drive the vehicle enough to know what it is, but it's definitely a strong odor. Wonder if there is a small leak somewhere or if some plastic/rubber is rubbing up against something hot. To me it almost smells like...
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    Going on 16 months in shop

    Just got our 15 Q7 back after 3 weeks. Went through EGR cooler, then oil cooler, and finally the catalytic converter supposedly fixed the issue. My wife wanted the car back, then I told her after 30 days they are required to buy it back. Her tone changed because she’s been wanting a GMC...
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    2015 Passat TDI P0016 engine camshaf

    2015 Passat TDI 4096 Bank 1: CMP Sensor (G40) / Engine speed sensor (G28) Error code: P0016 00 [237] - incorrect circulation So I went to to order a new Engine Camshaft speed sensor. VWPart’s website said it was part# 03L 957 147A. I ordered it via FCPEURO because I like their warranty...
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    2015 Audi Q7 TDI Coolant Thermostat Valve

    2015 Audi Q7 TDI burning through coolant. This is kind of a follow up to last November when we had the same issues, but it went away after I filled up the coolant. About 6-8 weeks ago the CEL came on again. The vehicle was low on coolant. I filled it up and everything was fine again...
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    2015 Passat TDI Dash Lights Lit Up

    $500?!? Audi didn't even charge my wife $500 for a wheel speed sensor on her Q7 TDI, LOL. They did charge half that, at $250. I ended up just buying a spare left and right wheel speed sensor for when this issue occurs again, since it happened twice already. The first time we paid the $250, but...
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    2015 Passat TDI heater core fixed, still no heat

    I hope it stays fixed. The dealer diagnosed no no heat issue as the heater core, so I spent $1k to replace it. Every time I drove off the lot the heat wouldn't work after a couple of miles. I was also losing coolant at a rapid pace. Took me over 3 months for them to finally fix the issue...
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    2015 Audi Q7 TDI Coolant Thermostat Valve

    So the two+ month update is that the light came on 08/05/2020, and was off the day she took it to the dealer (08/08/2020). I ended up ordering the coolant temperature sensor and planned to swap it out, but the light hasn't come back on. We put on 2k miles over Thanksgiving when we went to NC/TN...
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    Def fluid intervals

    Not sure how much I consume, but I do about 120 miles a day with most of it being highway. I usually just refill it every 10k miles when I do my oil change. The only one time I had a DEF light come on was when I didn't refill it and I think it said I had 1.5k miles left till it was empty. I...
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    2015 Audi Q7 TDI Coolant Thermostat Valve

    Code P0128 [232] Temperature below Control Range My wife got a CEL Monday morning, and I diagnosed it with my vcds scanner. She took it to the dealer today and they said it is leaking coolant, needs new thermostat, and isn't covered by warranty. The cost to fix was $1,301.12 After I talked to...
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    Review of plug and play LED upgrades: low beam (LasFit H7 G2 Pro) and High Beam (LasFit VW-01)

    Hmm, I might give them a try. I just bought everything in the headlights and taillights from DeAuto. I still need to put in the fogs, DRL's, and side markers. I wanted something for the high beams, but haven't had any luck.
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    How many miles on your passat ?

    2015 Passat TDI SEL and just reached 101k miles today.
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    Passat SEL - how to improve seat comfort?

    I have a 2015 Passat TDI SEL and love the seats.... the "old" 2017 Passat SE TSI, now those seats sucked!
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    Q7 Ownership Question

    We bought one at 42k'ish miles and have 62k miles now. Luckily the 45k service was included with the vehicle, because I think someone bought Audi Care or something like that. We replaced the tires at 57k miles, but no idea how many miles were on the originals. We did replace the brakes and...
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    What tires are you guys running?

    Well, tire isn't replacable, so I need a new one. Bought the certificates, because tire was $203 and I'm within time to buy the certs for $84 total. Just my luck, lol.
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    What tires are you guys running?

    I barely had the tires on for 2 weeks and already ran over a piece of metal that flattened a tire. Luckily it can be patched, and the place I bought them from will do it for free. Kinda tempted to just buy the dang insurance now with the luck that I have, lol.
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    What tires are you guys running?

    I got my new Michelin Premier A/S tires installed on Friday. I’m going to take back my word on how I wasn’t impressed with the miles I got out of them. Two tires were 5/32, one was 4/32, and the last was 2/32. I replaced them early because of the 2/32 tire. At 90k miles (38k on tires) this...
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    What tires are you guys running?

    My Michelin Premiers are coming today. I'll make an appointment to install them next Friday. I couldn't pass up this good for a deal. This will give the Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus II's to get more reviews to see if I consider them next go around, which will be about a year and...
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    What tires are you guys running?

    Thanks for the input everyone. I decided to check my promotions folder by chance last night on Gmail and I saw discount tire is having a flash sale on their discount tire direct website. The Michelin Premier A/S already have about $110 rebate, $20-$40 rebate using your Discount Tire card and...