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    So I am getting ready to do my second dsg service. Last time I measured what came out and put that back in. This time I have a VCDS and plan to use it. I have not seen this technique but thought I would try this. Drain fluid and replace snorkel, fill from the top until it runs over, then put...
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    Help! 2015 golf overheating

    Warranty Would this be covered under the extended warranty that resulted from DieselGate.
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    Peak diesel additive?

    You did not answer his question. He did not ask for opinions.
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    On my second wagon now... a 2015 GSW with the lights that move up and down and cross eyed when I start. I do not notice that they move anytime after that, do they?
  5. Demo3

    2013 JSW TDI w/DSG - new Best MPG

    Yes... Colorado weather over the past few weeks has cut my mpg but still averaging slightly over 38mpg in Longmont CO.
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    Sound Off on Current Diesel Price

    We have a range of $2.47 to $2.96.
  7. Demo3

    Window tinting for pano roof

    I am very happy with this... I put it on the Pano also, 20%.
  8. Demo3

    Coolant temp

    Scangage will you the actual temp...
  9. Demo3

    Which scan gauge?

    ScanGaugeII... Been using one for years.
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    Something leaking?! Pics inside

    Well the dealer replaced mine and it started again a few days later... I think I will go for the Matterhorn look.
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    Favorite road atlas

    I love maps but now use the Garmin. Between 2000 and 2010 I drove all over North Georgia taking service calls and knew were all the pay phones were. We had pagers then of course but we also did not have all those robo calls.
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    Yes, I know.. another pano roof survey..

    I picked up a 2015 GSW-SEL with the money I got for my 2013 JSW. No problems so far. It did get quite toasty until I put some 20% Wincos tent on them. I leave it unshaded most of the time now. Passengers in the back really enjoy it.
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    How many VW techs does it take.

    I understand the techs position... I am a tech also but not on cars. I am pretty sure it is the failing part and not the installation. If it were up to me I would just install the valve and apply a little super glue around the area that leaks... let it seep in. I know the tech can't do that...
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    How many VW techs does it take.

    I took my 2015 GSW in to have this fixed, two weeks later the same thing.
  15. Demo3

    WTB Rear View Mirror

    I need to get a new rear view mirror for my 2015 GSW SEL it has no electronics in it at all. I would like an oem. Can I get some help on the different VW models that one would match so I can check salvage yards in my area, or if you have one sitting around? I know there on eBay but thought...
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    First VCDS Scan

    When I did my first scan after getting my 2015 GSW I had a bunch of errors...I just saved the list and cleared them. No telling what the dealer was doing to the car or what the previous owner had done. I know the original owner was not to bright because he turned in a new unbroken car. :0 Now...
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    2015 Gen 3 Fix Phase 2 - First Impressions

    So... I have had my 15 GSW back 2 days now after the phase 2 fix. They also fixed a def leak and after everything was complete it took them a week (Wednesday to Wednesday) to get it back to me. First impression is that the shifting has changed.
  18. Demo3

    What is this.

    I did my 20k service this weekend and I saw this... this is 2015 GSW with the first fix installed when I bought it from the dealer. Maybe AdBlue injector? UPDATE So I took it by the dealer and they said yes... DEF. So I went ahead and...
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    Is there a reason I can not post attachments?
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