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    TDIs in Rochester, NY Area

    TWIN 2003 Silver Jetta Sportwagon TDI's spotted in Marion, NY I was attending a meeting at my kid's school in Marion, NY and what should I see but not one but TWO Silver 2003 ( I asked whose they were and what year were they ) Jetta Sportwagon TDI's in the school parking lot. They bought them...
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    Found an article on an additive from Cerion Energy in Rochester, NY

    Disclaimer - not trying to sell any product from any company in this article, I don't work for any of them, nor do I know anyone who does, etc. I was reading my local newspaper this past Sunday and they had a special section on startup companies in Rochester, NY. This article hit me like a...
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    235 MPG VW XL1 Diesel Hybrid getting closer

    what 189 mpg's means to me VW cannot get this car to me fast enough ( the L1 concept ) I drive an average of 37,500 miles a year - and it would be a lot more if I got 189 mpg's - or even 100 mpg's.
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    Diesel Preview for 2012

    So THAT'S why the numbers are so low ... I noticed this even in 2002 when my car was supposed to get 36/42 (sticker) and it got 42/50 before it died ( +/- 1 or 2 depending on the week ). 25% is a HUGE difference -and why the EPA hasn't come "clean" as the exhaust is ( extreme sarcasm...
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    I-94 in St. Paul, 8/4/07

    Jetta TDI spotted on I94 West at I35E in Downtown St. Paul A very good friend of mine was driving on I94 west at I35E through downtown St. Paul this morning and spotted a Jetta TDI with the license plate "Vegicar" while on her way to work. She was unable to spot if the people were eating...
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    The Case For Stretch Bolts

    Not using stretch bolts or re-using them? Are you NUTS? I had a mechanic at the local VW shop do that a number of years ago after a TB job, the engine nearly fell out of the car after only 500 miles. The dealer was so embarassed they fired the mechanic that did that and promoted their best...
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    225k on 2000 tdi jetta??

    I think you will need a new clutch soon but it depends ... on your type of driving. On my 2002, I needed a new clutch after 180k and my car was almost all 40 mph+ driving over the life of the clutch. The problem with actually finding out how much clutch you have left is getting into it to...
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    Jetta dumbed down, except for the diesel

    I think this author hasn't ridden in both Having driven a 2002 TDI for 7 years and then a 2009 Hyundai Elantra, I want my TDI back! Sadly, it sacrificed it's life for mine. And for the person who didn't like the crushed velour cloth seats - are you NUTS? That cloth was so comfortable and...
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    A red Mk IV TDI indeed ):

    Even the news media can't get a TDI right ... I read the article, it said the car was a GTI. Given the lack of a fire, burning bodies, etc - I'd say it was a TDI. Nice LP rims too - too bad it got wrecked. I'd be furious if that was my car and my kid wrecked it.
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    Ford will not force diesel on it's customers

    "Force it on me?" - oh PLEASE To the idiots at Ford; So you don't want to invest the money like VW has to bring diesels to this country for the Ford Focus. But you have no problem bring diesel engines in trucks - I've seen so many ads for them it's not funny. Seriously ... It looks like...
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    Vote now! Send a MSG to VWOA to bring the Polo Bluemotion TDI here!

    If you ship it .... They will buy! I bought my 2002 ( may it rest in peace ) precisely because at the time it got the best mileage bar none. The safety, longevity, and performance were also up there as well ( 5 lives saved due to VW Diesels !!! ) If I could have in 2009 gone out and bought a...
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    TDIs in Rochester, NY Area

    Silver A4 Jetta TDI spotted Was driving home from work and spotted a Silver A4 Jetta TDI going eastbound on 441 in Penfield around 4:45 PM on 2/2/2010. Man I wish I had mine back.
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    I don't understand: how will dealers sell new diesels?

    Show me someone who brags about their gasser having even 200k miles let alone 300k Now that my stealth Hyundai may be no more after 48k, that may have shot my only chance to test out how long a gasser lasts. That 48k was in 16 months. HOWEVER ... I don't know of anyone who owns a gasser...
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    TDIs in Rochester, NY Area

    Spotted one - wow - it's been so long Was out doing some last minute christmas shopping and I saw a silver JSW 2009 or better TDI in the parking lot coming in around 1:45 PM today. I'm glad I didn't buy a Jetta - the stealth Hyundai Elantra may be no more after a mere 48,000+ miles. Yes you...
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    VW hybrid

    Why has VW not taken a polo TDI and made a hybrid out of it? Hey those at VWoA ( like you're listening anyways ) How about a Polo TDI hybrid?
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    TDIs in Rochester, NY Area

    NY State Route 90 at Lakeside Trading Was out taking a cruise around Cayuga Lake and a black A4 PD Jetta passed me by about 9:30 AM ( approximately ) on Saturday October 30th. I stopped at Lakeside Trading to fill up on gas :( and a soda :) and was at the register paying for the soda and what...
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    Automotive World: Is the US ready to accept diesel?

    '69 - Bus G - 36k in 3 years - traded for '72 '72 - Bus G - 180k in 10 years - sold for $100 '78 - Rabbit D - 120k in 4 years, crashed - other driver's fault - NOT FATAL '81 - Golf D - 120k in 4 years, traded for '85 '85 - Golf D - 184k in 7 years, crashed - other driver's fault - NOT FATAL 88 '...
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    NHTSA examines '09 VW Jetta over stalling issues

    ouch! That's even worse! When I was living in the city in the early 90's, I had a lift in the garage that someone else had installed ( commercial grade no less ). I always wondered why there was this monster filter on the hydraulics, now it all makes sense. It totally sucks that the entire...
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    NHTSA examines '09 VW Jetta over stalling issues

    Reminder - VW has a history of burying issues - especially with fuel pumps To all; Having been on the receiving end of a fuel pump breakdown while on vacations due to bad design ( fuel pump push rod metal was way too soft ), I was furious when I found out years later that VW had buried the...