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  2. Brake lights

    Brake lights

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    Bye Bye Jetta!

    Capacitor, Retired now, but we use to haul diesel and gas up your way in Ontario! And last I knew they were still hauling it up there.
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    Urea in 2012 Passat

    And you don't want to know what that certified VW mechanic has to do if the stealership happen to be out of the Adblue stuff.
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    Too Much Brake Pedal Travel after rear brake job

    2002 TDI Replaced my rear brakes pad and rotors (only the rear). Bled the system. Have good pedal travel until I start the engine. With the engine running they drop almost to the floor. But the brakes are right there, except for the excessive travel. Any ideas? Have bled the system at...
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    TDIs in Rochester, NY Area

    If Kwik Fill says 40, I can tell you that it is really 43 to 45. Always a number of points higher than what is listed on the pumps. The lab keeps it that way to keep the company from getting into trouble.
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    Non 507.00 in an '09?

    PseichO, Hope you are not running the Redline 15W40 you linked to as it is not a 505 spec oil like you said. At least not according to info on their web page. Now their 5w40 is "VW 505.00/505.01/502.00/500.00". But Redline? - not in my TDI!!!
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    Splicing Jetta Turn Signal and Brake lights into Towing vehicle

    Use that blank spot in the tail light housing and put a bulb in there. Can't remember which one, but Blue Ox or Roadmaster has a kit for doing that, but much cheaper to do it yourself!!! Don't go messing the the Jetta wiring as that is asking for trouble. The electrical system in these are...
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    Blocking Off Front Grill for Winter GRRRR!!

    Look at post 14 on this thread, page 1.
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    Has anyone tried this item?

    My experience with full magnetic sign material on cars is that dirt will still get between the sign and the paint. They may have something new to keep that from happening.
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    To idle or not to idle... that is the question

    At the time I retired the company was getting new International tractors (Cummins powered) which were using the cruise control for the high idle switch.
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    To idle or not to idle... that is the question

    But on a big diesel, it is said that it will wash oil off the cylinder walls. What about in a TDI? I realize that this would require extended idle times beyond what is being talked about here. But in places where it is -30 F, it would be necessary to idle if no plug in or not in a heated...
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    Who has the best Quality Diesel Fuel in the US.

    Well, when I started hauling fuel many years ago when ARCO was still on the east coast, their standard was to shut down the pumps while I was dropping the load and for at least a half hour after I left the station. Then they hired some beancounters and things changed. And it is okay if the...
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    Ok, seriously, how do you get the cetane number of a station?!

    Paul, Hope you did not get caught up in this mess from Cenex: "; "Company says tainted Minot diesel being cleaned up". Should be all gone by now. Date line was Mar 5, 2009.
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    Contaminated diesel question

    What was the cel code?
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    Not a sighting, but now I understand!

    Jetta Pilot, And just less than 3 hours south of you, I am lucky to see 6 TDIs in a month! Maybe even 2 months if I don't venture far from home.
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    TDI Oil Change and drain plug

    "tigerkf Does anyone know which fumoto valve fits an 06' Jetta tdi." Ask here:
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    WTB: Tow Hitch That is where I got mine.
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    Towing a VW TDI

    The Suzuki Samurai, they want the transfer case in neutral and the transmission in second. Transmission does not get enough splash in neutral. And they they still want you to stop every couple hours or so and run the engine.
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    Towing a VW TDI Sorry, my quote function is not showing up on my screen. There are several manufacturers who recommend stopping every so many hundred miles and running the engine. I do not remember which ones they are. If the Dinghy Guide does not mention them...