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  1. c5loadmaster

    Who Here Has Written To VW About The BS Issue?

    Since I live in So Cal, I sent an inquiry to Leonard (Harvieux) @ Wild Rose Motors about this situation. Here is his response & it sounds like he found another problem. Hello Robert, Thank you for your inquiry and thank you for your service to our republic. We have performed many balance...
  2. c5loadmaster

    Who Here Has Written To VW About The BS Issue?

    VWDUDE, I just finished reading all 43 pages and thought I would bump it for 2012.
  3. c5loadmaster

    Monday Nights - Ontario Calif - Weekly GTG

    I haven't been on the form for several months, needed to replace the computer. I guess I need to make a pilgrimage from Hemet and check you guys out. I'm not sure if it will be 25.04 or 02.05.
  4. c5loadmaster

    Feeler for SoCal July 15 and 16 2011 Wrenching GTG

    I would be interested, but don't need any work accomplished. I just turned over 50k on my 2K5 TDI. LA or SD doesn't mater to me.
  5. c5loadmaster

    Audi To Offer Diesel In All Models By 2015

    I'm happy with my 2k5 Passat TDI and my wife has the GLX wagon. She want to keep it until Audi offers a A6 Avant TDI. We looked at the VW Tourag a few years ago, but doesn't want a SUV just a S/W
  6. c5loadmaster

    Leonard Harviex of Wild Rose

    What is his hourly labor rate?
  7. c5loadmaster

    Windshield Wipers

    Why didn't you just replace the wiper inserts and not the whole blade???
  8. c5loadmaster

    Any TDI clubs in Southern California

    Hello all, I'm in Hemet and participated in the San Diego GTG back in '06. Uncle Sam has had me flying so I haven't kept up with this site. I'm back now for a few weeks then it's up in the air again.
  9. c5loadmaster

    San Diego TDI Owners Rollcall

    Hello All, I've been out of the area for several months and am just now checking into the group. I attended the GTG at Paster Mike's church in '06. I now have 43k on the odo and was at Miramar VW for the glow plug recall and update the software in the computer. Robert
  10. c5loadmaster

    USAToday: Diesels motor back to California roadways

    Does anyone know why diesel is more expensive than regular gas? I was reading in a technical manual that in the refining process, diesel is the most inexpensive fuel to producce. Robert
  11. c5loadmaster

    L.A. / Ventura County TDI Club People

    Hi all, Just checking in, we're still in Hemet. Robert
  12. c5loadmaster

    L.A. / Ventura County TDI Club People

    Hi 2k2m, I live in Hemet but Tornado Red is in your area. Where do you fuel up? I use Penelton MC base or the Navy Service station in SD. When I drive down to 32nd street, I use RTC on El Cajon Blvd. Robert
  13. c5loadmaster

    American TDI in Europe?

    Kyle, When I was based at Ramstein AB, Germany I just purchased something off the "lemon Lot" there on base. You can usually find a good deal and if there isn't anythng there in Naples, check out Aviano AB in Northeastern Italy or Brandisi on the heel. I would fly into Signella NAS on Sicily...
  14. c5loadmaster

    B5.5 Particle Filter

    Thanks all for your info and advice. I contacted VWoA around the time a posted the initial thread. They responded that there are no plans to offer a particle retro fit kit for the Passats. They said that the retro fit kits offered in Germany offer a tax rebate to the car owner and it's almost...
  15. c5loadmaster

    Stories when filling up at "gasoline station"

    LCR, After you fillup at the Standard station, just stop in at the 76 and let them know they lost your business because they charge .60 to much. Ask why they are in business or are they just supporting So Cal Edison for the fun of it. Robert Riverside Co.
  16. c5loadmaster

    B5.5 Particle Filter

    When I was in Germany, the newer diesels have particle filters. My 2k5 Passat TDI which I purchased here in CONUS doesn't have one. I think it was because the high sulfer diesel was not compatible with the filter. Now that ULSD is sold nation wide, I would like to install the filter so that I...
  17. c5loadmaster

    Diesel cars poised for upsurge in U.S. market

    On my last layover at Ramstein, Germany, I rented a Ford Focus diesel. I don't know why Ford says they are two expensive for passenger cars. One interesting fact is that 46% of the cars sold in Germany are diesels. Robert
  18. c5loadmaster

    L.A. / Ventura County TDI Club People

    Marcie & I wont be able to make it. Our nephew will be graduating that weekend back in PA. We would probbly be back by the next weekend. Robert
  19. c5loadmaster

    Biodiesel Prices & Locations By State/province

    Derek, I just purchase 10 gal of BD then add 2 gal when I do a fill up of around 15 gal. That means I figure a mix of around B10 or something close. VW allows B5 but is working with ADM and would increase to B20 so I don't think that I'm messing with my warranty to much. Robert Hemet
  20. c5loadmaster

    Biodiesel Prices & Locations By State/province

    Hemet Oil, 106 S Ramona St, Hemet, CA 92543 SW Riveside County, So Cal 951 / 658 - 5180 Ask for Brian They only sell it in 55 gal drums. Brian is considering breaking a 55 gal drum if there are enough buyers so that the drum wont age to much after opened. 0730 - 1630 Monday - Friday only...