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    DSG oil choice

    Another Pentosin user, all my DSGs get it. Pentosin has a kit number 8038207
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    Amsoil bypass install on 2012 Jetta TDI Sportwagen and need help

    Again why are you bringing lifetime fluids into the thread for? No brake fluid is lifetime. I don't care in the slightest if people want to set their money it on fire and take a dump on it. I see enough morons putting pointless junk on their vehicle for the placebo effect. The stock system is...
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    Amsoil bypass install on 2012 Jetta TDI Sportwagen and need help

    You brought up wash and wax?why? No relevance to this thread. VWs brake fluid change recommendation IS 2 years so not sure why you think it's overkill. Shows how little you know about VWs. I don't care what you do with your vehicle or anyone else, facts are facts. Your searching for problems...
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    Amsoil bypass install on 2012 Jetta TDI Sportwagen and need help

    Trying to create a solution to a problem that does doesn't exist.
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    New to TDi mods, what to watch for?

    Sounds like you've never been in a tuned DSG car before. No slop box here. I still like manual also. I was mentioning because you'd need a dsg tune if your going bigger power
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    New to TDi mods, what to watch for?

    No but up to a certain point. Your close to maxing out on a gtb2260. Manual or dsg?
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    New to TDi mods, what to watch for?

    Bigger turbo like the CR170 or bigger like the GTB2260
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    New to TDi mods, what to watch for?

    Sorry for late reply Don't put a cold air intake on. They cause more problems than they solve. The gains are ridiculously small, like maybe 1 hp anyway. OEM airbox flows way more than it needs.
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    New to TDi mods, what to watch for?

    If you have stage 2 delete , then your golden. Your turbo will run out of breath before your fuelling does. So don't worry about anything. If there was anything to note, I'd resist the urge to floor it under high load at low rpms in 4-6th gears. The DMF doesn't like the extra torque and is...
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    Loctite and Anti-seize

    Loctite 242/243 is most common as a medium strength lock and removal with hand tools. Loctite 262 is high strength which I use on brake caliper bolts but usually requires hear or high torque to break them loose. I personal use loctite because it has a dual function, locks the thread surface...
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    Timing Belt Interval

    I'm not going to lie, I do that too. Clean out old grease, push in some high speed grease used for generator bearings and reinstall seals. I'm a tight a$$ but haven't had any issues so why not.
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    full straight pipe seems quiet

    Just add a wife, that seems to increase noise levels...
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    What would you mod/upgrade first?

    Going down the Tuning rabbit hole is where you get tested the most, where to stop and feel happy.
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    cr fuel system

    Pretty much what I was thinking
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    cr fuel system

    That black plastic looks like a switchover valve of some type, I haven't seen one of those on a 4 cylinder common rail this side of the pond. Can't tell if it's pressure relief type or thermal bypass type, maybe both. If it stuck open it could drain back to tank when off but I don't have a flow...
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    cr fuel system

    I'd be asking about these "New" injectors aren't just renozzled used units. Then that would make sense. If rail is losing prime that bad your probably running air through the HPFP which isn't good for long-term.
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    cr fuel system

    If your injectors are compensating with those values after only 70k.....
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    Underboost/Overboost -& electrical issues - Logs attached

    Electric power steering cutting out is a BIG indicator alternator is toast. I've had it on both my common rail tdis just before the warning light comes on and engine cuts out. Also engine idle is increased. PDs not so sure. Change the alternator and might as well change the battery also as its...
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    What CEL Codes Prevent DPF Regen?

    It's very dependent on how full the remaining dpf is that's all I can say. You have to know the delta pressure and the soot loading first. If it's over a certain amount it probably won't regen regardless of how many times you try. That's DPF off time. There is ways around it but I won't share...