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    Need Help

    crank sensor
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    2001 Jetta TDI ALH manual transmisison

    Interested, in whole car.
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    The 400k mile club! 2003 auto, same tranny just changed fluid every 20 to 25,000.
  4. 5000000


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    WHAT is causing loss of power mostly going uphill?

    Did you get code? Limp mode would be my guess.
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    New gaskets/fasteners for turbo reinstall?

    What is the correct way to install individual port gaskets? I see that they have different material on each side?
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    bad N75 = too much boost?

    I believe I took may actuator off at the shield. There are two 10 mil bolts.
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    Buggered tranny fill plug

    Well you need to change the filter also. Not just the fluid. If you have a dremel tool you can reshape the corners and fit a larger allen wrench in.
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    Jetta Blower

    It could just be the resistor. I fixed mine for a couple of bucks. I also cleaned the blower motor.
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    How often do Injection Pumps go bad?

    You can drill out the check valve on fuel level sender. That might help. It should really help in the winter. Check your IQ , it should be 3-5. I had to replace my IP at 375,000. You need to find a guru. I think there is one in Denver.
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    Buying advice: how bad are the 2003 automatic transmissions?

    Yes, Original valve body and torque converter.
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    New Transmission Leak

    You need to pm coolair. He is the auto tranny man.
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    Buying advice: how bad are the 2003 automatic transmissions?

    I only have 475,00 on my 0M1. Shifts great and I change fluid every 20 to 25 thousand.
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    01M Automatic Transmission Leak?

    Mine leaks there and it's the differential. I have 472,000 on the original 01M. I changed the differential gasket on the side but did not help. Smell the fluid to see what it is. You will smell molly if its the differential. You need to change your differential fluid if you haven't already. Also...
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    Oil Filter Housing/Cap

    I used a large pipe wrench.
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    Non-OEM fuel filter

    I use CIM300BHA01-70025 Cim-Tek Biodiesel Bio-Tek High Alcohol Filters. I have used them for 3 years now using the Nicktane 1-micron kit. I change them once a year. Thats about 50,000 miles.
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    Re-starting problem - This is a tough one! 2006 New Beetle

    How many miles ? Oh I just read your other thread. You need to get all of your other issues fixed and the see if you still have this problem.
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    Hard cold and harder warm starts solved

    I have had about the same experience. I was having hard hot starting problems. It went from about 10 seconds to around 20. It would start easy when the engine was cold. IE several hours not running or after sitting all night. It had 440,000 on it. Its an automatic with the original tranny...
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    Automatic Transmission not shifting right

    You can change the auto fluid and filter. It might work, it might not. i change mine every 30,000. I now have 450,000 on original 01m.
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    Cracked/exposed wires in Headlight housing

    I used this kit as my insulation on my wires were cracked. I saw it on one side but both sides were in bad shape. This is a great kit ! Heavy duty wire. Nice.