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    Adjusting wastegate on a cr170

    with vag com you need to set it in 34-5 ?key on engine off I think 3% and key on engine run at 100%
  2. race car parts

    race car parts

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    Tuning an automatic?

    Oilhammers been at it a long time as I have too. For the warranty it is there as law in the USA . But most dealer try to screw the customer. I just had a new customer go the dealer and turned them away on fixing the turbo,DPF, and Intake . I did all the money work t belt brakes ,DSG service and...
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    Dpf delete and exhaust pipes

    well build pipe thank for the link
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    selling a new 2260 xman turbo kit for a cjaa TDI 2009-14 2L CR

    selling a new 2260 xman turbo kit for a cjaa TDI 2009-14 2L CR one track day tested its a bolt on . I have the modified oil down pipe and made up a flange to use the stock ex clamp end . Its too big for the track we will run this year made big boost . This was $1350 plus shipping for just the...
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    VNT 17/22 R520 install - Analyze my logs!

    You are logging wrong you need to be in 3 th gear and roll into it till you hit 4500 RPM From the the group 11 I do see it is asking for 2761 in boost and it can meet it but slow to spool up and the n 75 is still in its range Malone should help you out. this is a very simple build you have my...
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    APR tune shop in northern New England?

    what are you looking for in a tune
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    Yes I do my oun in house tuning . I use some great tuners over seas that have there own dyno on hand for there tuning. The right way is find some one that you can work with. I have been racing for over 40 years and over 20 years of dyno testing under my belt. The right way to get a car tuned if...
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    I heard he works for Dark side over the pond If I can be of help doing tunes and DSG tunes out of my shop
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    ECU Bricked during DIY tune - Is there hope?

    You need to load the MPPT on a older machine look up how to recover bricked ecu you will have to open ecm and ground pin24? then key on install old read tune org file then learn how to do check sum right. Good luck
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    Air to water intercoolers

    We can not run anti freeze on the track I was told use washer fluid of its ex rate ever bit helps If it leaks in to the engine may get a added HP!! Remember the pump must push the fluid through both ratt and some cases up hill on the beetle you will see the blue pump on the dash and the ratt...
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    Air to water intercoolers

    I run a 3-5 GPM 12 RV water pump with a radiator up front closed loop setup. We run 7 hr races when the car comes of the track you can grab the out let pipe with your hand. Look in the grill you can see the small radiator you must burp the system in my car of all the air. We run windshield fluid...
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    Air to water intercoolers

    I run one setup I build use the bigger air to water cooler and use a a stand alone front radiator and use a water pump out of a RV, most pump sold with the kits do not move the needed coolant to do the job
  14. C is now doing TDI tuning on the ALH and CR2L TDIs

    Just putting this out there is now doing TDI tuning on the ALH and CR2L TDIs. As most know we have been racing the only TDI ALH Beetle in the USA in Lemon and Champ road racing for years and now run the only Audi TT with a CR2L TDI/DSG platform in the USA. So if you are running...
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    TDI DSG retrofit

    I did our roadracer TT with a CR 2L TDI and DSG swap. it is a lot of work did not use the ABS raced fine with the right tune.
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    Anyone selling set of cams for a common rail 2.0tdi

    Like turbobrick said we are getting ready for this year of racing TT from Xman 2260 high bread
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    CUA (BiTDI) water to air intercooler meets PD130

    A lot of work on your end, this how we do it on the Audi TT CR2 runs ice cold all day long now
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    FS: CR 2.0 TDI Neuspeed Power Pulley Kit - Green

    Let me know if you still got it
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    Audi TT to going to a 2L TDI DSG plateform

    Thank you we ran 275/40/17 on the Beetle with 9.5 rims Now we run a 255/40/17 on the TT . We are getting a point burden on the Champ races for the TT so we may go in a EC class open .