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    Unfixed TDIs to be de-registered and banned from roads

    Germany to de-register cheater TDIs that have not fulfilled recall. Other countries to follow?
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    Does anyone know the actual fuel tank capacity?

    Maximum Fill, and this was way past empty and topping off was 15.1 gallons. So I would say a rated 14.5 gallons is probably spot on, or close enough for normal purposes. With a vent mod you may be able to put another 1.5 gallons in the tank. But on the Mark 6 it's a bit more complex to...
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    Incredible A6 TDI gas mileage

    Based on performance in my 2012 Extended Fuel economy can top 61 mpg (hyper) Peak fuel economy over a moderate trip can peak above 65mpg (hyper) Highway fuel economy can easily reach above 50mpg Heavy duty towing can run above 43 mpg (5x10 enclosed Uhaul trailer 1000miles, fully loaded on...
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    Just bought 2015 Jetta TDI. MPG is lacking

    In my 2012, the lifetime average was 48.3mpg under all conditions over 188K. So I was regularly running in the +50mpg range. My newer 2015 is currently running an average of about 51.2 mpg with about 5K on the clock. Further I have proven that with luck and ideal conditions mpg above 60mpg...
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    2015 Jetta TDI SEL RNS315 upgrade

    There is.a speed controlled opinion for the volume level which I always set to off, That may save your volume problems. For reception I may be your being blocked by the buildings.
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    Aux Power Lead

    :eek: :eek: Because if you get a short anywhere in that wire before you reach the fuse....your whole car can go up in smoke. Already saw one guys car do the with a small wire to power an aftermarket radio. Thanks but I will come off a fuse for the main lead and then add another set of fuses in...
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    Aux Power Lead

    Then I have pretty much the same issue, but I now have to figure out how to get it through the firewall without screwing something else up.
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    Aux Power Lead

    Would like to add a repair lead to the interior fuse box of my MkVI on the ATC fuse bus to add an aux power lead back to the trunk area. What size connector do I need? 1.5mm and 2mm seem too small, I'm thinking either 4mm or 6mm but I want to get the right thing the first time.
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    Trailer hitch Power

    Looks like it's going to be picked off the interior fuse box. Right side is set up for ATC/ATO fuses and I see fuses to 30 amps, so should be set up to handle the current. Want to add a wire to the back but if I can't figure out how to gain access I may resort to an add-a-fuse until I can. The...
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    Trailer hitch Power

    The other issue would be shifting on hills and the load on the engine while doing so. So take your time on both the uphills and the downhills while towing heavy loads in these cars. You may be able to pull it, but controlling the mass is going to depend on you, the driver, to do. If you get...
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    Help! Clutch pedal stuck to the floor

    Flushing brakes/clutch I've found over time, that the best way, short of a pressure bleed, to flush the brakes/clutch is work the brake a few times to release the power brake and ABS storage (engine off) then open the bleeder and let gravity do the work. You MUST insure that you don't allow the...
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    Trailer hitch Power

    They pick it up at the front fuse box, I'm looking for a cleaner install, adding the necessary fuse contact within the fuse box, and would prefer a 10awg line fused at 30 amps. Then add a mini distribution fuse box in the trunk. This would allow for easy future expansion/additions. I would...
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    Trailer hitch Power

    Where did you tap in for power and where did you route the power line??
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    Trailer hitch Power

    Got my 2015 TDI SEL and have the hitch on order. On my 2012 I simply picked up power as needed by plugging into the rear 12V outlet. This time, however, I'm looking to do a cleaner install. So which is easier/better to tap into the rear 12V outlet, or run a new line? If I run a new line...
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    Keeping doors locked while car is running

    You should be able to do that with the Remote. Central Electronics - Long Code Helper Byte 4 - Bit 2 - Checked. This should allow you to exit the running car and then lock/unlock the doors with the remote.
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    2015 Add temperature gauge

    Not all SEL have a temp gauge. Mine does not. Only if you have the Version 2 gauge cluster will you have a temp gauge, and you will also pick up a fuel gauge and more in-depth MFI.
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    FM Radio reception in 2015 Jetta SEL

    RNS 315 doesn't support HD radio....
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    Fuel filler blocked

    Sorry, but per the owners manual in my 2015.....there is verbiage by which WV basically warns you to take care to insure proper fueling and that it's your responsibility to insure only the proper fuel is used. Implying that damages due to misfueling will not be covered by VW. If Interested, I...
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    Just bought 2015 Jetta TDI. MPG is lacking

    Just recently got my 2015 TDI to replace the 2012 that decided to get into an argument with a semi---- But moving on. According to the dream gauge, my mileage has actually picked up a bit and despite the cooler temperatures I'm still running about 52mpg. Fuel gauge and odometer would seem to...
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    My prayers go out to you.... Good Luck.