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    ULSD production ramping up??

    I checked over at the Safeway station near my house today and the only labeling on their diesel pumps is diesel #2. So much for the June 1 deadline I suppose. It's nice to know the ulsd will be widely available soon though.
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    Current pump prices

    ARCO ulsd was $2.75 yesterday in Paradise when I filled up. 47.75 mpg on that previous tank. Still waiting to break that magic 50 mpg mark.
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    California: Arco ECD-1 station list updated

    revision 13 dated 6/30/05.
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    Google Maps with Satellite Data!

    Another program I like to use is USAPhotomaps. You can find it at It has topo, regular sat photos and high resolution sat photos on urban areas. Best part is the program is free and Jim updates it all the time. Great for use with GPS too.
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    California only: Arco ECD-1 location list updated

    I emailed one of the regional managers a few weeks ago regarding missing or faded out ECD-1 signs on some pumps and he assured me that all stations on the list are indeed selling ECD-1. Said he would try and get new signs out to stations.
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    California only: Arco ECD-1 location list updated

    Revision 10 dated 3/16/05. Maybe a new station near you.
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    California only: Arco ECD-1 location list updated

    I thought ARCO charged 35 cents for using a debt card, not a credit card. I'll have to check that again next time I fill up in Paradise. Yuba City has usually been the lowest for ECD-1 around here but I seldom get down that way any more. Will be interesting to see what happens to diesel...
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    California only: Arco ECD-1 location list updated

    Revision 9 dated 1/20/05. Maybe a new station near you.
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    Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel

    The diesel pumps at the Arco station in Paradise have always been marked #2. When they introduced ECD-1 they simply stuck a paper sticker next to the pump handle close to the #2 sticker. Over time this paper sticker has faded to the point where you can't really see much of anything. I just go...
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    Wired News article on biodiesel

    Saw this article this AM:,2554,65054,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_7 Don't know why the link didn't come out right...
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    California TDI Owners List

    1. dlai, 2001 Jetta, South San Francisco 2. Peter Pyce, 2002 Jetta, Mountain View 3. Peter Cheuk, 1998 Jetta, Daly City 4. bogstomper, 1998 Jetta, San Francisco 5. Norman, 2000 Golf, San Jose 6. First D, 2002 Jetta, Anaheim 7. eetsoot, 2002 Jetta, Oxnard 8. Hesh, 2000 Golf, La Honda 9...
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    Dang Pine Trees

    I've used Goo Gone with good results. Still requires a lot of elbow grease though.
  13. Goo Gone

    Goo Gone

    Goo Gone
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    Poor Fuel Economy with ARCO/Thrifty

    I've got just over 13K on my Golf and have never put anything but ARCO ulsd in it. My average is 48 mpg and that is running up to Tahoe and back from the valley. Regarding the high centane; I don't believe I've ever actually heard my engine crank when starting. I just turn the key and it is...
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    w00t! New car!

    See, dreams do come true. Enjoy your new car
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    Has anybody heard of a VW diesel mini-truck?

    I was in Nouakchott one time and saw a bunch of trucks like the big one that were being used as support vehicles for a rally going through the area. I thought they were cooler than the rally vehicles. They can really move out over the sand.
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    Record High Fuel prices, What are you paying?

    Was $2.15 up in Paradise for ECD-1 yesterday. Glad I don't fill up too often. Was $1.89 last time I filled it. We are so lucy we drive TDIs is all I can say.
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    Is all CA arco diesel ?ULSD?

    ULSD has been at ARCO stations in Ca so long now that it isn't anything that special anymore. If you look closely at the pump you should still see an ECD-1 sticker somewhere. My understanding is that all ARCO stations in Ca that carry diesel carry only ULSD. There is a list of all the Ca...
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    WeekEnd Wrench: Installing Nelly Aluminum Skid Pan

    Installing Nelly Aluminum Skid Pan Pictures fine here.
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    Change in CA diesel???

    Product Specification - West Coast ECD® West Coast Material Data Sheet - ECD®-1 Property Test Method Limit Ash, wt. %, max D-482 0.01 Carbon Resid, 10% Btms, wt.%, max D-524 0.35 Cetane Index (typically) D4737 52.5 Cetane Number (typically) D613 54 Cu Strip Corr., 3 hours @ 122...