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  1. Dieselgorl

    Anybody have a DEF tank sitting around?

    I’m getting desperate to get my car back so here goes.. The level sensor for my DEF tank went bad. The entire thing needs to be replaced but it’s on national backorder. My cars been sitting at the dealership since the beginning of May and there’s still no ETA on when the part might be available...
  2. Dieselgorl

    Ad Blue tank

    I have the same problem, got away with deleting the error code and resetting the control module for a couple years, until that finally stopped working. My cars been sitting at the dealership since May 2nd(2022). Still no ETA on the tank. They’ve at least had me in a loaner the whole time, I’ve...
  3. Dieselgorl

    Fuel Prices

    It’s funny because I don’t coast for fuel economy, I just prefer to for comfort reasons, rather than braking real hard for lights or having to get on and off constantly in stop and go traffic. It’s jarring and I don’t like it 🤷‍♀️
  4. Dieselgorl

    Mk7 Common issues and resolutions

    Golf TDI S: Level sensor for DEF tank went out at around 95k miles, don’t remember exact mileage anymore it was almost 2 years ago now. Was causing the car to think it’s almost empty when it wasn’t. Check engine light on. The countdown and def light would come on and turn off intermittently. We...
  5. Dieselgorl

    Anybody track their 2015 TDI golf?

    Update now that we’re partway through the season: It’s definitely competitive with the PAX modifier, it just really depends on the course of the day. I’m closing the time gap with the other ladies quickly as my skills improve. Definitely going to need to upgrade to race seats and harnesses...
  6. Dieselgorl

    Anybody track their 2015 TDI golf?

    I wouldn’t consider HPDE racing per se but damn that sucks. We use SCCA classes for autocross and I did notice they just kind of lump all the TDIs in the HS class. I asked my bf about it and he basically said it’s less to do with the actual speed and more that not many people actually use them...
  7. Dieselgorl

    Service campaign 34J7: replace gear shifter trim

    I got a call today to get scheduled to fix it 👍🏻
  8. Dieselgorl

    Anybody track their 2015 TDI golf?

    thanks for the welcome and first RIP your Jetta, my brother recently parted and scrapped his ‘08 Jetta TDI due to a warped cylinder and cracked cylinder head. I actually run with Tidewater Sports Car Club, if you’re near the Richmond area you should come out to one of our VMP events! For our VIR...
  9. Dieselgorl

    Anybody track their 2015 TDI golf?

    Bahahah VIR is exactly where I’ll be running. The club I run with does run groups by experience for HPDE. So green for instructor required, yellow is intermediate run alone only after checked off by an instructor, blue is experienced but still point to pass, and red is race license only open...
  10. Dieselgorl

    Anybody track their 2015 TDI golf?

    For being as new as I am and completely stock not too shabby. The pax modifier certainly helps, my last event in the fall I was right up there with the other ladies. My boyfriend who has 4 years of experience did a fun run after and was 5 seconds faster than my fastest run. I’ll update after I...
  11. Dieselgorl

    Anybody track their 2015 TDI golf?

    *edit for clarification* my questions about issues you had are specifically pertaining to the 2015(MK7) TDI Golf due to how many changes they made to the MK7. I recently got into autocross after years of my brother trying to get me into it. I’m loving it so far and now the next step is getting...