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    FS: MK4 maintenance parts/tools garage sale- NH

    Travist, I sent you a DM here on TDIClub. Let me know.
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    Tdi mechanic needed in MASSACHUSETTS

    I've been to Chris Hill's shop twice. Top notch work and worth the drive. (y)(y)
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    $3,000 timing service

    Both Roman and Marquette Automotive have done work on my two Jettas. Never an issue. I'd go see either one of them before the dealer.
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    BEW being a bewstard!

    What codes are you getting with your 2006 Jetta?
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    Rotella T cant be found anywhere... good alternative?

    I snagged the last 5 gallon jugs of T6 5w40 from Home Depot. I few other Home Depots in my area have some listed on their website. So try Home Depot as you may find some there.
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    Bad Cam Sensor & Glow Plug Fault Codes - A story of my education

    Hi Everyone, I'm writing this thread to lay out some codes on my 2004 Jetta TDI, what I did to diagnose, what I didn't need to do and what I learned. My hope is that this thread will help someone out in the future. Situation: Car sat for 3 weeks in the garage due to not needing to drive it...
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    SOLD - FS - NIB Diesel-Geek Bypass Kit - Mooresville, NC - asking $200.00

    Hi Everyone, I have a New-In-Box Diesel Geek bypass filter I had purchased during their last run for an A4 Jetta I was planning to buy. That car deal fell through and this has been sitting in my garage for quite a few years now. This version of the bypass kit requires that you tap the...
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    DieselGeek Bypass

    DieselGeek Bypass
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    WTB: MK4 Panzer Plate Aluminum Skid Plate

    I bought one for my 2004 Jetta 5sp from Diesel Geek but never installed it. Frankly, in the original box and never opened. I'm assuming it is aluminum and has all the installation parts. PM if interested.
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    Needs TLC - 2005 Passat Sedan TDI

    SOLD Hi All, First off, this is not my car. It is a buddy of mine who bought this 2005 Passat sedan from Chris Farnham at VW of Langhorne back in September 2005. . Recently, the car starting blowing some white smoke. He took the car to one of the TDI gurus for a review. Suffice to say, the...
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    WTB- dieselgeek bypass filter setup

    I may have one for the '04 Jetta (bypass oil connection to the oil pressure sensor). It was never installed but if you can wait, let me locate it in my garage and I can send you pics.
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    SE PA - Headliner Repair Recommendation

    Hi All, the headlines in our 2006 Jetta is really sagging. Does anyone have a recommendation for a shop in southeastern PA to repair/replace the headliner? thanks Owen
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    Taller 5th gear questions

    The .681 has good/decent acceleration once you are at/above 65 mph. That's my opinion. So a tune is a must, IMO. But passing on highway has never really been a problem for me.