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  1. QuadRacer31

    Upgrading "Peggy's" MAP sensor 96 1Z 1.9TDI

    Hi there fellow VW lovers. "Peggy Passat" and i have been together for a little over a year now. I have done MASSIVE maintenance work to get her back up to my standards. Now we are trying to go FAST! I have put the upgraded injectors from, and the 160 turbo is on its way to me now...
  2. QuadRacer31

    ALH won't start need help

    My car did something similar and it was the main power relay under the dash in the fuse panel. I just got all new ones from NAPA, but only 1 was the problem. Even if u test the relay, and it tests good on the bench, it still may no carry a load. This relay powers a LOT of things. It carries much...
  3. QuadRacer31

    '96 B4 Sedan in Arizona Junkyard, anyone need parts?

    I need the trim for the exterior of the C pillar. Its about 4-5 inches long and maybe 2 inches high. I also need the rear view mirror covers for the inside of both front doors. Thanks.