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  1. velociT

    'Clean Diesel' Is Dead Forever: Bob Lutz On VW's Culture Of Fear

    Few things: 1) Legitimate clean diesel tech is sound, and only getting better. 2) I worked for GM for years, several under Lutz. 3) His prior accomplishments and professional contacts have exactly zero to do with him thinking in his big brain clean diesel is dead.
  2. velociT

    'Clean Diesel' Is Dead Forever: Bob Lutz On VW's Culture Of Fear

    Came here to post this. I'd believe a Car and Driver magazine intern before I'd entertain Bob's ramblings.
  3. velociT

    Speed limits across the US are on the rise! Up-to-date state-to-state info & news...

    Written this way on purpose. Ineffective little men love playing dictator.
  4. velociT

    VW may be sorry, but 'rolling coal' diesel polluters make no apologies

    I'm personally impressed with how professional diesel tuners can write a tune even on bigger diesels that will significantly improve performance/drivability with no or nearly no visible change in soot output. It just seems slightly immature to take those leaps and bounds tuners have accomplished...
  5. velociT

    Turbo replaced, now engine smokes

    Start with where the downpipe connects with the turbo. Then check the manifold. I would then check the EGR and other emissions devices.
  6. velociT

    Sound Off on Current Diesel Price

    $2.09 in Central Texas. I'll take it.
  7. velociT

    2016 Nissan Titan XD Diesel 1/2 Ton Pickup - Cummins 5-liter v8 turbo diesel

    I'll test drive one when they come out. Will be interesting to see real world unloaded/loaded MPG.
  8. velociT

    EPA fines diesel tuning equipment supplier

    Yeah, that truck isn't on a road. Offroad means offroad. All the members falling over themselves for the EPA are going to be really butthurt when the EPA makes diesels extinct. :rolleyes:
  9. velociT

    FR-S Review

    I wouldn't buy one for $24 grand.... but if I won one, I wouldn't sell it. If that makes sense.
  10. velociT

    Nissan Pickup . Any good?

    I've had two KA24 powered Frontiers. Neither one ever gave me a problem. Some on fuelly have 400+k on them. I dunno about the V6 though, never had one.
  11. velociT

    Sold my 06 jetta

    Can't blame you. I'm eager to hear about the FR-S as well. What are your plans for it? Any mods?
  12. velociT

    How often is an alignment necessary?

    The trick is finding a road that isn't crowned. If you let go of the wheel and have to grab it from going out of the lane within a second or two, get an alignment. That's my technical method, anyway.
  13. velociT

    Chevy Cruze Diesel a direct competitor to the Jetta TDI

    You're right. The twelve (12) separate recalls on 02-04 Trailblazers does not accurately represent their build quality. :rolleyes: I was a customer relations manager for GM for 4 years. I feel qualified to speak on this subject. Enjoy your Camaro.
  14. velociT

    Chevy Cruze Diesel a direct competitor to the Jetta TDI

    GM, where quality is job *cracks up*... Couldn't keep a straight face.
  15. velociT

    Oil change

    If you're still considering having the dealer do it, consider the following:
  16. velociT


    You can go to school, but you can't buy class.
  17. velociT

    My complaint to the BBB

    Yep. When I did customer relations for GM, quite a few extended warranty companies just went flat belly up when the economy crashed. People paid thousands for a warranty from a company that didn't exist a month later. If you do want an extended warranty, I would stick with the brand specific...
  18. velociT

    Gasoline-powered diesel-like engine could boost fuel economy by 50 percent

    Preach it! Idiots keep trying to re-invent the wheel. Makes zero sense.
  19. velociT

    My new (old) truck!

    I got a new old truck a few months ago too. So far so good! Congratz.
  20. velociT

    I call BS!!!

    He doesn't have the firmest of arguments. I would think he's going to have a hard time with the societal norms and sense we have erected in our brain over time. The jury might be of the long-standing opinion that the number of frivolous lawsuits grows very noticeably and substantially, and...