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  1. CoriolisSTORM

    Quick instructions for oil change?

    Gents, I read an oil change article earlier that said there's supposed to be a spring in the oil filter housing. Is there? My 06 Jetta TDI doesn't have one.
  2. CoriolisSTORM

    Delayed Air Conditioning

    As little as she drives, the car will be around for SEVERAL more years.
  3. CoriolisSTORM

    Delayed Air Conditioning

    Eh, probably this time last year.
  4. CoriolisSTORM

    Delayed Air Conditioning

    Finally had time to work on it and found the problem. My (I think) high pressure line has a BIG leak in it. It looks like something hit it at one point. Where is a good place to get lines for these things? And should I just replace the line, charge it and hope for the best, or do everything...
  5. CoriolisSTORM

    Air con common faults on MK5

    Not arguing with you, I'm just curious. Isn't the point of a clutchless system that things always run, so nothing can seize from sitting? Ninja Edit: I'm from an industrial controls background, so I could see not cycling the control valve causing it to stick or begin to seize. It happens...
  6. CoriolisSTORM

    Delayed Air Conditioning

    They told me it had no Freon. I'm not sure if I believe them or not. Can I see anything about it with my VCDS?
  7. CoriolisSTORM

    Delayed Air Conditioning

    So I took my wife's 2006 Jetta TDI to a place in Tuscaloosa today to get the AC looked at. The nearest recommended VW place is up in Birmingham, sadly. There's not even a VW dealer here anymore. The quote I received was $1573! Does this sound reasonable? That is a new compressor ($540)...
  8. CoriolisSTORM

    Radio has terrible reception

    I'm assuming it is the Premium 6 radio, it has a 6 disk changer and black buttons. How do you pull the radio out of these?
  9. CoriolisSTORM

    Radio has terrible reception

    All, I did a VCDS scan on my wife's '06 TDI yesterday after finishing the oil change and DSG service. The car has had terrible radio reception on all FM frequencies since we bought it last year. I found the following message...
  10. CoriolisSTORM

    Ecu is full of engine oil???

    Be careful with brake cleaner and even some electrical parts cleaner! Some of it is rough one circuit boards! There's nothing like cleaning a board with electriclean and then the board falling apart in your hands. Try whatever you use on a corner or something first!
  11. CoriolisSTORM

    VCDS and Mac

    I run VCDS on Windows 10 on a Macbook Pro in Boot Camp. No issues. I'd imagine you can also run it in Parallels or VMWare Fusion if needed.
  12. CoriolisSTORM

    Where does everyone buy their engine/tranny oil and various filters?

    Care to elaborate a bit more on this one? I've bought mine from KermaTDI before since there's no longer a VW dealer within 50 miles and I was already buying 100k service stuff from them... Yay. The VW dealer is now the Kia/Mazda dealer in Tuscaloosa. :(
  13. CoriolisSTORM

    Torsion Value of 0?

    It doesn't start any different than it did before. Will check mpg next fill up and report back. Is there a way to verify the cam sensor is working?
  14. CoriolisSTORM

    Torsion Value of 0?

    Thank you both! My timing belt cover is illegible. I think I'll leave it be then. :D
  15. CoriolisSTORM

    TB procedural question, ALH

    Enlighten me on "thirsty water" please! What is this oddity?
  16. CoriolisSTORM

    Torsion Value of 0?

    Gents, I did my timing belt a few weeks back, and checked my torsion value. It is "0". I have a hard time imagining that I actually got it directly on 0. My understanding is that a value outside of its range will show as 0. How can I determine mine is in the correct spot? I bought and used...
  17. CoriolisSTORM

    First diesel! Need some help winter-proofing.

    My other vehicle is a Wrangler. It needs windshield wipers on the inside! :D
  18. CoriolisSTORM

    New TDI!!

    Make sure the oil you use (and I'm not sure if Amsoil meets the requirement) is VW 507 compliant or you may have DPF problems.
  19. CoriolisSTORM

    First diesel! Need some help winter-proofing.

    For those of us in the south east US, is there much of a need for winterizing their diesel cars? My FIL uses an engine block heater on his old F250 diesel, and some of our diesel tractors are cantankerous in the winter, but that's about all I know. I might have a few mornings thus coming winter...
  20. CoriolisSTORM

    First Service since buying used '06 Jetta TDI w/ DSG

    Myturbodiesel is an excellent resource that I've already discovered! It's what gave me the confidence to try the timing belt myself. I plan on getting a membership there as well. And yes, I am scared of cam lobe wear, but it is one of those things that can't be helped. Truthfully, as little...