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  1. derek5120

    Diesel price...

    I bought a second vehicle and only use my truck to tow my trailer, no more daily driving. The savings in fuel has paid for my $2k toyota corolla x3 over.
  2. derek5120

    2003 Jetta fresh 5 speed swap strange shift issue

    Kind of sounds like a hydraulic issue, like you've still have air in your clutch master or slave. Double clutching or pumping the clutch might build enough pressure to allow you to shift. I'd be bleeding the system again or check to make sure the external slave has full travel.
  3. derek5120

    Engine won't fire after application of liqui Moly DPF cleaner

    I use this product at work and I don't use it on dpf's that are so close to the engine for this reason. If the dpf is packed then the fluid can back up in front of the filter face and enter the engine. Between the flush and the purge there is allot of fluid being injected. Also I've never...
  4. derek5120

    TDI build thread

    When I did my motor, every allen key bolt I took out got replaced with grade 10.9 normal bolt. Very un-vag of me, but my life is better for it. Also a impact driver works well to get them out, then bin them.
  5. derek5120

    Code P0401

    what oilhammer said^ go to the back of your car, stick your hand in the tailpipe, if there is black soot on your hand then the dpf is cracked.
  6. derek5120

    ALH warm-up time: EGR cooler vs. Deleted EGR...

    I made the mistake of deleting my cooler on my alh and I don't recommend it if you live in a cold climate. My car struggled to warm up and basically wouldn't unless I started driving it. On really cold days I'd see my temp actually drop while driving at highway speed and I ended up blocking the...
  7. derek5120

    Torque for bolts on Fluidampr ALH-TDI

    I would just use the same torque as the original bolts 18 ft/lbs, maybe with a dab of blue on them. All the usual suspects have them: kerma, whitbeard etc.
  8. derek5120

    1.8L tsi rattle

    I should trade it in and find another mk4, this thing is a pile.
  9. derek5120

    1.8L tsi rattle

    Ya I changed that water pump housing already. Car wouldn’t get above 1/4 on the temp gauge on the hwy. The temp control unit was melted, fun job. Are the specs the same as the other tsi motors in terms of group 93 to check timing stretch? Like I said, no cold start noise at all, only in that...
  10. derek5120

    1.8L tsi rattle

    I’m a tech in my day to day life but I’m not familiar with these engines. We’ve owned the car for 4 years. I only started hearing it a couple weeks ago and it’s not a noise I would deem normal, I know these are loud crappy motors. Sounds like a metallic rapping noise like loose timing chains or...
  11. derek5120

    1.8L tsi rattle

    I know the wastegates were a problem in the previous generation but I’m not sure about the cxbb.
  12. derek5120

    1.8L tsi rattle

    Hey gents, Any vw gas specialist here? My girlfriend has a 2016 golf with a 1.8 tsi. Oil changes were done every 7k and it has no chain noise on start and I checked the timing with vag. Car has no codes and it drive perfect, no lack no power etc. Under load from 1000-1500 rpm I hear a metallic...
  13. derek5120

    2001 Jetta Smoke on Startup

    check group 13 and that will give you a "general" idea on your engines health. Should be +/- 2, closer to 0 the better. That should help narrow down what cylinder(s) have problems. I'd also be on the look for air in the fuel system.
  14. derek5120

    Yearly truck plate fee, new safety standards coming soon.

    My main take away is that there may be some accountability finally. Depends on how strict they will be. In the past 5 years we've had numerous customers purchase vehicles with a valid mvis only to find out that they failed horribly. One 05 ram 3500 needed $13k worth of work, it was deplorable...
  15. derek5120

    Yearly truck plate fee, new safety standards coming soon.

    CMV based, updated, I misunderstood. I think it's more aimed at emissions and shady inspection shops. although the price will be going up
  16. derek5120

    Yearly truck plate fee, new safety standards coming soon.

    Anyone here have a 3/4 or 1 ton truck? I got a nice surprise this year for my birthday. Although plate renewals are supposed to be free, apparently if your vehicles curb weight is over 3000kg you automatically have to pay a yearly fee of $265 even if you license it under 4500kg. So basically...
  17. derek5120

    Diesel price...

    Was $1.68 on hwy 10 between Caledon yesterday.
  18. derek5120

    Inadvisable PD Upgrades

    look into a company called, they offer gtd2060vklr and are located in quebec
  19. derek5120

    Dumb flywheel question

    Should slide right on with no interference fit.
  20. derek5120

    Golf Rat Rod…Return

    I dig the look for some reason. Looks super ratty (y)