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    2018 equinox diesel

    Clutch job for the cruze seemed to be in similar price range as other city folk who had to have broken clutch swapped outside warranty. A decade earlier it cost $3800 for 2005 GTO clutch (also required a new transmission input shaft for $782, no gold plating there either). Inbetween there was...
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    Bending A Sway Bar

    Guru appears very correct. however if there is really no alternative to bent sway bar other than no sway bar, I would bend that sway bah faster than Bend can get to Oregon. sincerely, anti-guru
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    Do I signal when making a u turn

    Except for when I'm driving there, using a turn signal is in Boston mandates that other drivers quickly hive-coordinate to block your progress.
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    2018 equinox diesel

    First for the GM-h8rs, veer off now because there are GM stories below. Also my lawyer team (Hans and Franz) advise me to stipulate for the record that I'd buy a VW diesel again in 2 seconds if VAG had the nadsnerhugen to make them. The 1.6L "whisper diesel" is plenty for the terrain...
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    i am trying to edit my location and vehicular status but with limited success. which cars do we...

    i am trying to edit my location and vehicular status but with limited success. which cars do we hate more btw. teslas or taycans? ;)
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    Tell Us About Your Very 1st Diesel

    my first was a 1999 volksy jetta wagon stickshift. awesome vehicle! after college one buddy had a 79 rabbit diesel stick. other dude had a 81 dasher diesel 3-speed slushbox which was hilariously slow and sooty.
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    Jeep Grand Cherokee Eco Diesel

    Nice! I got An 019 terrain diesel on January 2 . Very nice so far. Selling 017 cruze diesel stick to a buddy, because the mpg is too good, may as well go large.
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    Help me pick my next diesel purchase

    Hello to OP seeker of diesel/SUVs. Here are some semi-informed viewpoints perhaps tangentially related to diesel. I could not resist the Porsche as first-stop/benchmark if its on the short-list at all. Maybe test-drive the stickshift Porsche SUV if you can find one, even though it's a...
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    Anyone gel up in this brutal cold?

    Some facts relating to above: All the diesel fuel comes from the same pipelines. Kwik Trip blends more winterizer in theirs than any competitor in the area. Each petroleum blend is state mandated and approved.
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    State of MA will start failing non-fixed TDI's

    Our two Clean turd diesel stick-shift cruzes keep running great, including at -30F without power service, somehow. Same for cleanturd small pickup! But gel anxiety has got to be as bad as range anxiety. My son drove and parked his 2017 cleanturd canyon at a buddy’s and borrowed a gasser...
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    SSCTDO (TDI Club Secret Society of Chevy TD owners)

    No gelling or icing for the 2 diesel cruzes and one diesel canyon in my family, so far... two are in MN and ran fine at -30F air temp with no power service blonde bottle additive. Wishing for pure diesel #1... 2017 owners manual allows it. Fuel heater(s) on these new GM diesel cars must...
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    SSCTDO (TDI Club Secret Society of Chevy TD owners)

    My best bud was driving daughters boyfriends 1996 diesel vw wagon today. I miss my 2001 jetta tdi wagon indigo blue 5 spd. I should have kept that car forever, and swapped in a proper suspension.
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    SSCTDO (TDI Club Secret Society of Chevy TD owners)

    Cruzetalk is OK but this forum is better than all 3 chevy forums for my 3 chevy cars combined. Fred’s FTW.
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    SSCTDO (TDI Club Secret Society of Chevy TD owners)

    I was mostly being a pessimist but the cruze diesel fulfilled my prophecy... It already threw an egr code via OBD. The code cleared itself by the time i had it to dealer for oil change. 30k miles now...
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    SSCTDO (TDI Club Secret Society of Chevy TD owners)

    29k on my 2017 cruze diesel sedan after 11 months. no major issues. I'm considering what to do at 36k, whether to buy no-deductible or $100-deductible repair insurance until 100k or not. EGR/emissions hardware and software issues seem certain after 36k, so i'd like any failures until 100k...
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    BMW diesel reliability?

    Reportedly BMW's recent recall has been expanded to include their recent USA diesels. Btw, has anyone converted a recent diesel BMW in USA to stickshift?
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    Stories when filling up at "gasoline station"

    hello n1David ! I haven't seen you driving around lately or at the diesel pump. I'd be driving a BMW diesel too if they brought a one with stickshift to USA. Friend just bought the X3 M40i which is gasser but has torque like a diesel. toddler grandson #1 is awake so i'm offline until...
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    State of MA will start failing non-fixed TDI's

    It does sound like the sort of thing MA would do. A cop TDI enthusiast would probably be on top of it. One way to avoid the issue is to sell VW TDI and buy Chevy Cruze Diesel LT for $17260 OTD via "red tag" or other occasionally-available incentives. That's $9K less than I paid for my...
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    Chevy Cruze diesel, manual 6spd

    last week I found 24 new cruze diesels nationwide, various body styles & transmissions.. sedan is the value-leader. hatchback always costs thousands extra. As for facts about chevy dealers & pricing, probably that's not an expertise area here on tdiclub as much as 'rumors about gm'...
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    Stories when filling up at "gasoline station"

    With my 017 cruze diesel with 27000 miles, so far 3 or 4 fuel-station people have exited from their cash-register post to yell a warning to me, HEY THATS DIESEL ! That is not much of a story, except that it probably doesn't happen so much for folks with VW TDIs lately...