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  1. 03PlatinumTDI

    Bentley VW A4 (199-2005) Service Manual

    Book is in near perfect condition. I no longer have a VW so I'd like to sell it. $60 shipped.
  2. 03PlatinumTDI

    Opti-Lube and Opti-Box

  3. 03PlatinumTDI

    Audi / Volkswagen Fan Control Unit 1JO919506K

    I bought this in good used working condition and it tested working fine, but I ended up not needing it due to another issue not related to the fan control unit. $30 shipped.
  4. 03PlatinumTDI

    MKIV JETTA Trunk actuator/motor Part# 3B5827061B / 3B0959781C

    For sale is brand new condition trunk actuator/motor which is to be mounted on the trunk bracket in MKIV Jetta (99-04.5) GL/GLS/GLX/GLI models. Tested and working 100% guaranteed or money back. Part# 3B5827061B / 3B0959781C as stamped on the unit Genuine OEM, made in Germany by Hella Price $20...
  5. 03PlatinumTDI

    Opti-Lube and Opti-Box

    Sold my Jetta TDI last year and have some brand new Optilube products left over. Here is what I have: Opti-Box - $15 shipped Opti-Lube XPD 8oz (6 Pack) - $30 shipped. Opti-Lube XL 8oz (9 Pack) - $40 shipped. Buy the whole package for $70 Shipped. Please PM if interested.
  6. 03PlatinumTDI

    Oil and fuel filter pack

    Sold the my 2003 Jetta TDI last year and found some brand new oil and fuel filters that I still had. It's not worth selling and shipping these separately so I'd like to sell these as a pack. Includes two (2) Mann oil filters and one (1) Mann Fuel filter. $30 shipped. Please PM if interested.
  7. 03PlatinumTDI

    VCDS HEX-USB Intelligent Dual-K

    Bought this new a few years back for $350. Sold the car and no longer needed. Works perfectly. $200 shipped.
  8. 03PlatinumTDI

    2003 Platinum Gray Jetta TDI GL (5 Speed. Heavily upgraded)

    SOLD. On it's way to Michigan. Sad to see her go after having her for 13 years. She's going to a good home.
  9. 03PlatinumTDI

    2003 Platinum Gray Jetta TDI GL (5 Speed. Heavily upgraded)

    Thank you. I think they are very nice and comfortable seats. It's a leather cover made by Wheelskins. Thank you. Small world. I grew up in Boynton Beach and used to live/work in Delray Beach. Thanks!
  10. 03PlatinumTDI

    2003 Platinum Gray Jetta TDI GL (5 Speed. Heavily upgraded)

    ********SOLD************* Wow!! That was fast. Summary: Location: Mooresville, NC. (30 Mins north of Charlotte NC.) Model: Jetta TDI GL Year:2003 Color: Platinum Gray Transmission: 5 Speed Manual Mileage: 272,300 Condition: On the side of Very Good and Clean (No rust anywhere) Price: $4600...
  11. 03PlatinumTDI

    MK4 Jetta stock front shocks/springs and rear struts

    These are almost brand new. Took these off the car when it had 8,000 miles. Sell them for $100 plus shipping. Located 30 mins north of Charlotte NC. Please PM if interested.
  12. 03PlatinumTDI

    2016, January 30 GTG at DanG144's Chapin, SC

    I'm going to join in the fun Dan. Haven't been down to see you in a while. You've helped me in the past with my timing belt change and an A/C compressor clutch change. Which I'm still in debt to you for. The old Jetta is still piling on the miles. Looking forward to seeing everybody.