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  1. nayr

    Oil pan heater wattage ? --2015 Q5 TDI

    the 2nd gen 3L TDI won't do a frost heater, hate to break it to yeh guys.. I've already sat down and had this chat with the guy at Frostheater. The changes made between 1st gen and 2nd gen included massive re-engineering of the cooling loops, its got several standalone loops for cyl walls...
  2. nayr

    A6 TDI HPFP Swap?

    oh hell yeah.. I looked into removing the EGR and it was gonna be neigh impossible.. thats a nice kit they developed, it will remove several potential failure points caused by the EGR too.. I already had mine fail and fill the Vee up w/coolant. I looked into creating a CP4.2 bypass plate for...
  3. nayr

    A6 TDI HPFP Swap?

    I would be very interested in that, thanks for the heads up.
  4. nayr

    2014 Q7 TDI - #dieselgate upgrade

    Yeah 44psi is way too much, I'm sitting at about 38psi IIRC.. a little bulge is okay, and normal. I'm loving my Malone Stage 2, never hesitates anymore and I'm seeing better fuel economy with AT's and a roof rack than I ever did completely stock and unfixed.
  5. nayr

    2014 Q7 TDI - #dieselgate upgrade

    na 18's would fit fine, i didnt have tpms in mine but a 2010 might.. forget when they went from active to passive.
  6. nayr

    Stories when filling up at "gasoline station"

    Its not bad if you are one of the few vehicles w/external DEF filling ports next to the fuel like mine, the nozzle fit perfectly and didnt have any trouble filling it.. thankfully, because when towing it burned through alot of DEF.. I did have to go inside and pre-pay w/personal CC to get em to...
  7. nayr

    3.0 TDI EXT Warranty- REAR main seal covered?

    thats total bullshit, I never had a single CEL for anything they covered under warranty.. Oil Pan, no cel, Rear Main, no cel, EGR leaking coolant, no cell.. didnt get any hassle either, didnt have to show em any paperwork either.. But here it is listed as covered...
  8. nayr

    A6 TDI HPFP Swap?

    gotta tear the intake manifold off, which is considerable work getting everything outta the way and it off.. then I'm pretty sure gotta pull the whole EGR assembly off to get the valve out.. its got a bunch of coolant running through it and it cant be deleted out completely but the exhaust valve...
  9. nayr

    A6 TDI HPFP Swap?

    I'm working on a fix, if the EGR valve is removed and the intake/exhaust blocked off that should free up enough room infront of the HPFP to fit a bypass plate on it.. I got a 1micron filter on the return line already and the EGR tuned away, just need to either modify someone's existing bypass...
  10. nayr

    A6 TDI HPFP Swap?

    nope, not possible.. the 2nd Gen 3L's moved the HPFP to the back of the engine, under the intake manifold.. its driven by the timing chain now and there is no frigging way there is enough room to fit a CP3 in there without a custom intake manifold first.
  11. nayr

    12' Q7 Limp Mode

    lol this is great, GOTSMOK so you coulda installed the plug-n-play OEM Towing module that dynamically adapts the vehicles parking sensors, traction control, blind spot monitoring, shifting behavior, backup cameras, adaptive cruise, air suspension, hatch liftgate and more to the presence of the...
  12. nayr

    Audi side assist fault

    Are there any output tests for the side assist module?
  13. nayr

    Electric vehicles (EVs), their emissions, and future viability

    The 2020 Q5e loaner I had for a month was the first Loaner I had in my life that got better Fuel Economy than the Diesel I took in.. and the kicker? it was fast as ****, quicker than the SQ5.. Audi's dubious reliability record? Touchpad is too distracting? Some grade A BS right here folks...
  14. nayr

    Electric vehicles (EVs), their emissions, and future viability

    The 2020 Q5 55 PHEV had a 5.0s 0-60, of course they hadda find some way to shave off .4s otherwise the S Model was Slower than the non S model and that didnt seem right. From the article it looks like again they wont give us black optics on the PHEV, bummer.. oh well, nothing some vinyl wrap...
  15. nayr

    Electric vehicles (EVs), their emissions, and future viability

    charge rates grow though as the battery pack grows, usually charge rates are measured in C, where 1C = Capacity in AH.. Lithiums will take 1C charge easy but its bad for longevity so they cap it at 0.5C typically for "quick charging".. but if your battery pack doubles in size you can easily...
  16. nayr

    Oil Consumption - 2014 Q5

    drop the belly pans and if they are soaked in oil its pretty obvious..
  17. nayr

    2013 q7

    No codes with what? You scan it with an actual VAG Specific scanner or some generic OBD2 junk?
  18. nayr

    Oil Consumption - 2014 Q5

    my leaking rear main didnt drip on driveway at all, was all caught by the underbody panels.
  19. nayr

    2011-2013 X5 Diesel vs 2011-2013 Q7 Diesel

    Dieselgate would fix nox sensor, If you code out EGR you dont even have to unplug it..