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  1. maxedtdi

    Why should TDI get better than EPA mileage?

    My TDI can't hit the advertised 42mpg highway but I have a DSGay car. That said most TDI owners baby their cars and just try to eek out the highest #s possible.
  2. maxedtdi

    If there is a Buyback..What would it take for you get out of your TDI?

    Shouldn't you get an extra 50k for pain and suffering? This is AMERICA we're talking about here. That's what you get for driving a **** car.
  3. maxedtdi

    Warranty Extension for HPFP from VW

    while that is true, it would be rather strange for them to only cover one item and not the supporting fuel system pieces that may fail as a result of the failed part.
  4. maxedtdi

    CR engine HPFP analysis

    Because 2013 cars are clearly old enough to show any kind of long term issues. hahaha This engine has been out since 09 in other cars... I'd like to see the passat #s in 2015
  5. maxedtdi

    suspension question

    You won't notice a difference between the two. If you want a "firmer" ride and better handling get the same 18" wheels and summer tires on the TDI.
  6. maxedtdi

    T Bone Accident!

    I am going to guess not totalled... prob about 12k in damage though.
  7. maxedtdi

    CR TDI Registrations

    Wow TDI golfs are a pretty rare breed. You should also include Audi A3 TDI.
  8. maxedtdi

    2010 TDI w/80K - should I buy?

    You can buy a brand new one with warranty for 23k, so why the hell would you do this esp considering how scary repairs are on this car.
  9. maxedtdi

    T Bone Accident!

    Yea exactly. we can't know for sure... if you posted a pic then yea, airbags doesn't mean totalled. But if the B pillar is deformed and the whole left side of the car will need to be replaced then most likely.
  10. maxedtdi

    Edmunds First Drive, 2014 Golf

    I am going to go out on a limb here and say that there will be almost no weight reduction in the golf we actually get here.
  11. maxedtdi

    Anyone here that takes extremely short trips?

    I would have to ride through the ghetto on a bike... and its very unfriendly towards bikers/foottraffic. Traffic lights sometimes don't work or take 5 min each to change... Honestly I am a healthy guy this isn't a laziness issue. I would PREFER to bike and not use the car. But from a...
  12. maxedtdi

    Anyone here that takes extremely short trips?

    I stated in my original post that on the weekend I fully expect to put 150-200 miles on the car regardless of what happens during the week. I was more concerned about any kind of real damage that could be caused by 1 mile trips. If this car can't handle them I am most likely going to sell it...
  13. maxedtdi

    Anyone here that takes extremely short trips?

    Considered it... but it would add 10 min each way.
  14. maxedtdi

    Anyone here that takes extremely short trips?

    When I purchased my TDI about a year and a half ago my commute to work was 15 miles one way, and I drove about 500 miles a week total. Now I will have to take public transportation to work due to a new job. That means 5 times a week I'll be driving 1 mile each way to the train stop and still...
  15. maxedtdi

    New 2013 TDi. DPF question

    Run the car into a tree clearly you have lemon
  16. maxedtdi

    Bent Rims

    pick up some used wheels
  17. maxedtdi

    2012 or 2010?

    I wouldn't own a 2010 out of warranty... due to the stupid fuel pump designs.