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  1. WardB

    CEL and P0380 code

    This looks like an adequate fix. I used shoe goo to fix the light bar on my spoiler. Here, vehicles do not pass yearly safety inspecion if any CEL is on. I'll do something sometime before October. Thanks WardB
  2. WardB

    CEL and P0380 code

    Thanks for the innovative responses. . . all good ideas. I haven't done anything the last few days. The harness was repla ed by PO. Looks like new. When I find out more, I'll post results. Thanks for the ideas. WardB
  3. WardB

    CEL and P0380 code

    Vince, That looks like a permanent fix. I do extreme when all else fails. Just going to drive it for now. GP's won't be necessary for at least five months. I WILL close this thread and post results when I find the fix. WardB
  4. WardB

    CEL and P0380 code

    Yes, it came back immediately. VCDS could not clear it. I unplugged the harness and sprayed contact cleaner into the harness plugs. Cleared the code with a handheld reader. CEL is off, but it indicates a 'code pending' (yellow light on the reader). That seems to indicate less resistance because...
  5. WardB

    CEL and P0380 code

    Thanks Vince, Fresh plug and still P0380 code. Couldn't find DeOxit locally. Will do some more looking around for other problems. I figure I'm pretty fortunate. It's mid April and I really won't need pre-glow until October. . . cold air AND yearly inspection due then. Shirley, I'll find the...
  6. WardB

    CEL and P0380 code

    I checked the glow plugs. All between .6 to .9 ohms except number 3. It it rang out at 1.1 ohms. Is that enough to throw a code? Someone also suggested to check an inline fuse located above the underdash fuse panel. Any opinions about that? I ordered a gp to replace #3. Guess I'll put it in...
  7. WardB

    Preferred site to buy timing belt kit

    I bought from Bora. In Utah, everything shipped from west coast arrives 2/3 days faster than from anywhere in the east. Parts good. . Service very good.
  8. WardB


    Do I see dark covers over stock lights AND with a light bar below on top pic? Form over function.
  9. WardB

    Road trip

    Run some logs. Look at MAF and boost. Even at 5k ft you will see a difference. Run same at home. Check mileage at home.
  10. WardB

    2001 Jetta - Stalled after fuel up while driving, won't start

    I wOuld check fuel filter. Some say you can get dirty fuel if you fillup soon after the tank truck stirs up the gunk in the station tank. I never pump if the tanker is on site. Please post solution!
  11. WardB

    Going to Mexico

    Probably off topic, but did you need a current passport to get over and back?
  12. WardB

    California Smog Question.

    A Scan guage II will show boost and mOre. I also like to track coolant and intake air temp, etc. Fwiw
  13. WardB

    Cracked front bumper cover 2003 Jetta TDI

    Re: welding plastic. . . some body on NB board did a write up using her own pw process. My personal favorite adhesive is Shoe Goo. Has many automotive apps.
  14. WardB

    Going to sell my 2000 VW NB GLS - got a 2016 Ford Fusion

    I'd be interested in how much you get. TDI's are getting a lot of bad press. Could be yours will fetch less than before. Diesels are no longer clean. . . That matters to a signicant percentage of buyers. Let us know what you get.
  15. WardB

    Do I have a bad thermostat? or is it just typical diesel warmup?

    My thermostat and thermoswitch were both not functioning when I bought the car. According to SGII, the coolant temp would NEVER get above 165F in winter, although the idiot light goes out at 132F. With a new stat, it takes a few miles to get to 180-190. I have to climb a local mountain pass...
  16. WardB

    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Drove it. I do all maintence items during September. I don't plan on doing anything more 'till spring. I do keep a short set of tools, emergency heater, etc onboard. . . just in case.
  17. WardB

    Fault Codes???

    I4 2.0
  18. WardB

    Fault Codes???

    Thanks for the replies. I'll clear codes and see what happens. Then HE can check vacuum lines and possibly rivets.
  19. WardB

    Fault Codes???

    My friend's 2000 gasser Jetta is throwing some codes: -16595 Secondary Air Injection System P0411-35- 00 - incorrect air flow detected 00532 - Supply voltage B+ 07-10- signal too low - intermittent Any ideas or suggestions welcome. He has a month to turn off the check engine light...
  20. WardB

    2003 TDI fuel filter ??

    Don't know. But if you put the o-ring closest to the end on first, it will provide an almost flat surface for the back/bottom one to slide across. I also remove the back one first. First time I tried to put the back one on first (seemed logical) I broke it trying to pry it out of the first...