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  1. AudiMatt

    Surging, rough Idle 2010 JSW

    I have recently acquired my Dad's 2010 JSW. It has been very well cared for but has just over 102,000 miles on it now. A couple of weeks ago it started having a random "miss" at idle which has progressed to a rhythmic surging at idle or just plain rough idle. Increasing the engine RPM to 1000...
  2. AudiMatt

    Sway Bars: 2014 TDI 6sp Man JSW

    Might be too late but I installed a white line adjustable RSB in my 2010 JSW... Took maybe an hour to install, I'm very happy with the results..
  3. AudiMatt

    2013 JSW Air Intake Mod ?

    to get back to the original post, I used multiple layers of modification tape to seal the back of the air intake scoop. I don't know that it did much
  4. AudiMatt

    2010 JSW stereo help

    somehow it managed to fix itself... now it works as it should
  5. AudiMatt

    My new Mileage Missile

    just rolled over 100,000 miles tonight! Also mounted my Yakima rack with old school fairing. I'll try to get pics of that up for those that care... Mostly just wanted it on there to see how the noise was and how it affected my mileage. There was a little more wind noise but not bad and...
  6. AudiMatt

    My new Mileage Missile

    Here are a couple more pics for those that wanted them
  7. AudiMatt

    2010 JSW stereo help

    Hmmm, I suppose it's possible though this feature always worked before the sat radio was discontinued... Hard to believe that losing the satellite signal would cause the stereo to malfunction...
  8. AudiMatt

    2010 JSW stereo help

    So, I have the fancy radio in my '10 JSW and after having the satellite radio service discontinued the media interface no longer functions correctly. All the songs in my iphone library will load on the screen and I can search through the various menus but when I try to select a song nothing...
  9. AudiMatt

    My new Mileage Missile

    I'll get some more pics up soon. The headlights are available through carid here; The first set of headlights from them did not perform well and were never aimed right even after many attempts at...
  10. AudiMatt

    My new Mileage Missile

    I meant lowered with proper suspension and alignment.... All things being equal I'd think lowering the center of gravity should only help cornering grip. I'm looking for maayyybe a 1 inch drop so H&Rs would probably be perfect
  11. AudiMatt

    My new Mileage Missile

    Thanks for the compliments! While my dad owned it we also installed a white line adjustable rear bar, and the headlights are aftermarket with projector HID lenses and LED DRLs. He also had the wheels coated black, tail lenses tinted, chrome trim blacked out and recently added a carbonio...
  12. AudiMatt

    My new Mileage Missile

    Buying this 2010 from Dad as he just picked up a 2011 335d Has gti front bumper, badgeless grill, filled hood. Malone dsg tune and Malone stage two engine tune, as well as a banks cat back
  13. AudiMatt

    Need a little Mercedes help

    The head was not machined at all. The HG was leaking and needed to be replaced. I did have the head checked for flat before I re-installed it. Thanks for the help
  14. AudiMatt

    Need a little Mercedes help

    the pins tht hold the chain guides in place in the front of the head wouldn't come out so I was stuck with splitting the chain. I may be off a tooth but at this point I don't have a manual to tell me how to correctly time the pump. It runs it just isn't quite right so it can't be a mile off.
  15. AudiMatt

    Need a little Mercedes help

    Been working on a friends '87 190D the engine is a 2.5 non-turbo. I replaced the headgasket which requires splitting the timing chain. I marked everything very carefully so that it would go back exactly as it came apart. It is now all back together and it runs but the injection timing...
  16. AudiMatt

    FS: 06 Jetta TDi 5spd pkg1

    We've very reluctantly decided to sell the wife's 06 Jetta. She isn't working and we've decided that we'd be better off without the monthly payment. Car has 72,000 miles on it, mostly freeway. My wife used it to commute about 80miles to work and back plus a few road trips. Always been...
  17. AudiMatt

    What did you do to your car today?

    Had the 06 jetta chipped by Rich at Fix-um-haus last friday and I've been having a lot of fun with it since.
  18. AudiMatt

    Stuck in Moses Lake with the TDI Blues again..Need a TDI Mechanic.

    You could try Oldpoopie, I know he does t-belts for people and I think he's even gone down to California to do them so he might be interested. He lives in Portland...
  19. AudiMatt

    How about $1700 for an oil pan???

    Try to find a used pan from a big truck salvage yard. Get a pan gasket and do it yourself. It might take you an hour with air tools if you go slow.
  20. AudiMatt

    Cat 3208

    If the rack is getting stuck I'd be careful with starting fluid. If the rack got stuck in the full throttle position things would be very bad... I've built many 3208/ts and I have never been impressed with them. It may be time to have your injection pump gone through..