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    Dieselgate warranty is awesome!

    I tried to decipher the website and had no luck. I called and she said it expires this May.

    Dieselgate warranty is awesome!

    Just had my 2011 Golf repaired using the warranty. It had several codes for the DPF and P2015 for the intake manifold. In eight days they replaced the intake manifold, DPF, and DPF flap. Heck yeah!

    Quick question on Dieselgate Warranty - Is ours still covered?

    The Golf is back! Eight days total in shop. Had the following replaced: -intake manifold (P2015) -DPF -DPF flap Total cost $0.00 10/10 would recommend. Edit: was told our warranty expires in May. So yeah, I have no idea how to read or understand that VW website.


    DPFs are incredibly expensive new and they are in high demand. You may get lucky finding a used one with lower miles with someone who's deleted theirs outside of California. A new cheap replacement DPF simply does not exist.

    Quick question on Dieselgate Warranty - Is ours still covered?

    Greetings! Hoping someone can break this down "Barney style" for me. Our 2011 Golf threw the dreaded DPF light/code this morning. The car currently has 97,600 miles and we were not the original owners who had the car modified (bought used from a dealer in 2021). This is what I'm seeing on...

    Seat cover/replacement?

    Did anyone ever find seat covers? I've got a 2011 Golf with some pretty tired front seats. I very much prefer to seat covers that are specific to the model vs loose fitting randoms.

    2015 Passat TDI SE ->MANUAL<- 72K $15K - Kentucky SOLD SOLD SOLD

    You ain't jokin. I'm sure I'll look back at today and regret it dearly! I LOVE the full size sedan with the 6-speed. I should have. However, she sold within 23hours of being listed on Facebook for asking. Farewell my beloved 6MT Passat TDI!

    2015 Passat TDI SE ->MANUAL<- 72K $15K - Kentucky SOLD SOLD SOLD

    That's correct. It took over a year to even find one. Unfortunately, the Army has us heading to California and I've already got a TDI Golf and my Duramax Silverado. :(

    2015 Passat TDI SE ->MANUAL<- 72K $15K - Kentucky SOLD SOLD SOLD

    I'm back! Thanks for all the PMs. One of the many fantastic benefits of being active duty is departing the country with short notice. 😅 Anyways, I'm back and the car is available and ready for a new home. I've got it on FB Marketplace now as well (pray for me lol). Hope everyone is enjoying...
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    Help Finding a Broken Fitting

    This was incredibly helpful this past weekend. I now have a hot and toasty car again. Thanks!
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    2015 Passat TDI SE ->MANUAL<- 72K $15K - Kentucky SOLD SOLD SOLD

    Update. Pics have been uploaded. Drove this a few times last week and realized the heater core is kaput. It's scheduled to get the heater core replaced next weekend (2/12-2/13). Listing this on the major websites 2/19. If no sale by 4/1 it will head to Carvana. :(
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    2012 Jetta Sportswagen TDI 6 Speed Manual - Timing Belt and lots of service JUST done. 1 Owner Weymouth, MA $6,950

    There's been LOTS of thread necros lately. I think it's partly due to the older posts prices being very good. TDI, specifically CR, prices have SKYROCKETED with this market + fuel prices. Carvana has been regularly selling them for $18-25k.
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    2012 Volkswagen Touareg TDI Executive

    Reading is hard lol. It sold back in June for $29k.
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    2015 Passat TDI SE ->MANUAL<- 72K $15K - Kentucky SOLD SOLD SOLD

    I do not know of any other full size sedans with a manual transmission, at least 230lb ft of tq, and get 48mpg. This car is a blast to drive and enjoy.
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    2015 Passat TDI SE ->MANUAL<- 72K $15K - Kentucky SOLD SOLD SOLD

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD We bought this spring of last year and have put maybe 2,000 miles on it. Between our two other diesels this TDI gets the least use. I can't see myself hoarding TDIs anymore. Exterior: 6/10 - white with many dings and doinks as seen in the pictures. Interior: 6/10 - the...
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    M6 Shifter compatibility? Same as Golf or Jetta or GTI or Golf R?

    Does anyone know if the shifter tower/cables from the other models will work on our Passats? I.E., can I replace my stock shift tower/cables with a unit from a GTI? *I'm fully aware that there is a Diesel Geek repair kit. Thank you. :)
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    M6 shifter compatability?

    Good Afternoon, Does anyone know if the GTI shifter is cross compatible with the TDI? I'm looking at replacing the shifter assembly in a 2011 Golf TDI and have found a cheap unit from a 2014 GTI. Thanks.
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    CR TDI prices?!?

    So when bored at work I like to browse used cars. Recently I stumbled across Carvana and a few other sites. WTH?! 2014 JSW TDI for $19,900 "sale pending." Another 2015 GSW TDI at a local dealer $20,455 "sold." That Carvana site had every manual transmission TDI marked as sale pending and they...
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    Rear arm/beam compatability?

    Good morning clubtdi. A friend was hit this evening in a 2004 Golf. The car seems to be in surprisingly good shape except the back left wheel is turned in about 5 degrees. I guessing it needs a new rear axle beam (what's the correct name for this)? My question is, are the rear axle beams on...
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