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  1. Abaddon2501

    Help: Car stalled, timing belt loose.

    Bump for Frank
  2. Abaddon2501

    Help: Car stalled, timing belt loose.

    I have been lucky to have my fiancés car to drive around so I could take my time with this problem. I just got a Digital Depth gauge to measure the ends of the valve stems and here is what I got. We took 3 measurements on each stem. Link for Depth Gauge: From looking at the...
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    Help: Car stalled, timing belt loose.

    Bump for Frank
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    Help: Car stalled, timing belt loose.

    Thanks for the other posts everyone. We finally got into the engine today and I took some pics. The tensioner definitely failed, see the first pic grease coming out the side of it. I took pictures of each of the followers top and bottom. I'm not sure why I started labeling them at 10 so it goes...
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    Help: Car stalled, timing belt loose.

    Thanks for the quick responses everyone, I should have mentioned I did a bunch of reading before I posted and came to a similar conclusion to what you all have said. I just wanted to make sure I didn't over look something that I might have missed browsing the forums. After learning more about...
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    Help: Car stalled, timing belt loose.

    I own a 2000 Jetta TDI with ~144k miles while accelerating the car suddenly stalled out, I pulled off into a parking lot and tried to restart it. The car restarted but sounded VERY different then normal. I immediately shut the car off (I only ran it for a few seconds). I then got out checked...
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    Encounter with a curb

    I hit a curb pretty good and bent a steel wheel, it ended up bending the tierod causing it to ride uneven. VW fixed it pretty cheap IIRC it was less than $200 and they were able to bend my Steel wheel round again. Hopefully it's nothing serious and everything works out for you. Mine was a mkiv...
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    GTG Chapin, SC Jan 26, 2013

    Sadly Merlyn and I won't be able to make it to this one. We are meeting our mothers biological mother for the first time that weekend. Have fun everyone!
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    2000 golf TDI

    Wow, someone is going to get a great deal.
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    MK IV parts in exchange for donations to TDIClub

    That's really awesome of you to do, sadly I don't live near by I have been looking to buy a Pella.
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    FS: 2005 Jetta TDI MKIV only 40,050 miles Manual

    I think this is a great car, but it's 14.5k for an 8 year old car. GLWS
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    WTB: Set of Jetta 16x5.5 Alloy Wheel / OEM 0504853

    Check out the wheels you linked were Long Beach wheels, 17"x7", I love them.
  13. Abaddon2501

    GTG Chapin, SC Jan 26, 2013

    Been looking forward to seeing everyone again! Thanks Dan!
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    Easy, Quick way to prime inj. pmp???

    I got the aluminum one with pressure/suction off amazon for like $60, I really like it.
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    Simple fix/circumvention for broken glovebox latch
  16. Abaddon2501

    Painting stock 16 alloy rims black?

    I have never linked anything with tapatalk so don't hate me if it doesn't work. I really like the way my long beaches came out. A friend of mine had a sprayer and did it pretty cheap. This was cheaper than powder coating but longer lasting than plastidip.
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    I'd suggest you take the intercooler off and see if any bits come out or are stuck in the oil residue. Maybe clean it out. It's pretty painless to take the bumper off and pop out the intercooler, 7 screws and come clips iirc. I'm sure there is a DIY around for it.
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    O.O 33psi on a vnt15, that's way to much boost! There might be something else going on. Hopefully the PO didn't do something stupid that is causing it to over boost so much. The lag and over boost could be from sticky vanes, how did the actuator look? Rust can really destroy them. Maybe someone...
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    What's your age?

    25 2000 Jetta 5M. I came from a Grand Marquis police package, getting on a good day down hill with the wind 18mpg. After I got my jetta tuned I never looked back! 42mpg and I can drive it like I stole it! BANANAS
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    I hate VW interior quality.

    The interior of my 00 kinda started to fall apart, but I'm also really rough on cars, glove box failed, driver door handle broke off, both of the flip style mirrors on the sun visor (replaced them with the slide mirrors from a 2002 they were plug and play and don't break off), but other than...