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    Discounted TDI oil locator thread

    Mobil 1 ESP 5W-30 $57 for a 6 pack of quarts.
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    What am i getting myself into.

    How do you guys feel about oil filters? Is there a big benefit in using a premium filter vs a standard one. I usually opt up just to be safe but today Autozone only had the $5 STP. Walmart has a Kand N for around $7 and $14. Im doing 10k OCI on my 2014 CPO.
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    **SOLD** 2005.5 Jetta TDI Automatic San Diego, CA

    I bought the car in 2010 with 63K miles and had been lease car. I'm the second owner. It was serviced at VW for those years. It has 271K miles now. I've always run Rotella T6 at 10k miles change intervals. Fuel filters changed every other oil change. Timing belt was changed at 128K miles and...
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    Discounted TDI oil locator thread

    Pepboys has Mobil 1 ESP on sale for $11 per 1 liter bottle. California prices.
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    Black smoke

    How do you force a regen?
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    Tuning a CPO JSW and the Warranty

    Thanks for all your input guys!! Im convinced I want to do the tune but I think Im going to wait until the CPO 24 month warranty expires.
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    Tuning a CPO JSW and the Warranty

    I drive like the old man that I am. With my 2005 TDI I average 40mpg. With the 2014 Im getting 34. I knew going in it would be less but really expected a 10% reduction. Not sure what they check for on the newer diesels. On my old one they only look under the hood and plug in the computer. No...
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    Tuning a CPO JSW and the Warranty

    Im seriously considering doing a Malone Stage 2 tune with DSG on my 2014 JSW. My major concerns are the five year emissions warranty, the CPO 24 month warranty and passing SMOG in California. The 2014 after the fix has better power than my 2005 but considerable less FE. Obviously Im wanting...
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    VW TDI Recalled Autos

    Malone Stage 2 tune in California Can I do a Malone Stage 2 tune on my 2014 JSW here in California and still pass smog? Not happy with 34 MPG avg Im seeing. Thanks
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    Not Happy With My FE

    Ive had my 2014 JSW DSG for one month. First fill up I got 34.7 mpg. Second fill I got 33.2 mpg. My 2005.5 Jetta gets 38-42 mpg. I used to shop for the cheapest fuel in town. Ive been putting Shell in the 2014.
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    What did you pay for your 'fixed' CPO TDi

    Just purchased a 2014 JSW with DSG no tano Black/Cornsilk 14k miles on the odometer for $13.5K. Drives and feels like brand new. Ive only burned 10 gallons of gas and doing the math myself I got 36.4 MPG. Not thrilling milage but is way more fun to drive than my '05 that averages 40mpg...
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    What did you pay for your 'fixed' CPO TDi

    I just located a 2014 JSW, White/Cornsilk, DSG, Sunroof, with 52k miles for $10.7 Its CPO but no pictures in the ad yet. Its 45 miles from me but I might jump. Or this...2011 Grey Sedan base model MT, Plastic wheel covers, cloth seats 37k on the clock for $8500. Indy dealer. Decisions Decisions!!!
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    Buy Back Cars on the Move

    I saw a 2014 JSW with 43k miles for $11.5 at a small car lot. Sales told me they bought five of them at a recent auction. Couldnt tell me about the warranty.
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    What did you pay for your 'fixed' CPO TDi

    I found a 2014 Sportwagen in San Diego with 43K miles 6A no sunroof for $11,500. White with tan int. Indy dealer said he isnt sure of the warranty and that I should call a VW dealer and give them the VIN. I just cant decide whether to keep driving my 2005.5 Jetta or let it go while is running...
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    Inaccurate Speedo

    I wonder if the car thinks Im going faster than I am does it also think Im going farther? In other the odometer reading high as well? Another job for my friends GPS, me thinks!!!
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    Inaccurate Speedo

    Those radar speed limit signs that tell your speed keep telling me my speed is around 5 mph lower than my speedometer. I confirmed it with a friends GPS. Also it seems the MPG measured by the Onboard computer is around 10% higher than what I calculate manually. Any ideas? Thanks!!!!
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    What Maintainance Manual do you like?

    I have a 2005.5 Jetta. I do minor maintainance. I dont think I would tackle anything bigger than a timing belt. I need to remove the front air dam and grill due to hitting an animal. I also need to replace a rear door lock. Im looking at buying the Bentley for around $85. What do you think?