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    Who got the payment from BOSCH?

    Got a couple of $175 Bosch checks yesterday - nice, unexpected surprise. Last buyback I did was Nov 2018.
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    Trading in your VW TDI? What will be your next car

    I have a 2016 GSW 1.8 TSI - my AVERAGE mpg has been 38.48 over 44k miles. Not 'computer' estimated. Refilled # of gallons and miles tracked every tank. Our road trips consist of a loaded down wagon with camping and climbing gear (heavy enough that I added coil helper air bags) and we start...
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    Very, very confused offered buy back

    VaporWare. For two years you could search and turn up tons of TDIs. Actually being able to buy one and turn it in was much harder.
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    Turn in scheduled

    If you have a buyback offer already, no current reg is needed.
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    2011 Golf No Start - help please!

    Ended up putting in a reman bosch pump from RockAuto and also having the shop clean/flush fuel lines - no other pump replacements or injectors. Ran rough. I never started it until the buyback appt - towed to street outside dealer. Drove in. Drove backward/forward 5' for the buyback. Got my...
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    2011 Golf No Start - help please!

    yeah, looks like HPFP Pulled the fuel metering valve and found glittery bits all over the mesh. Looks like its time to investigate the cheapest way to limp around the dealer lot with a replacement / fuel cleaning / etc ... d'oh
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    2011 Golf No Start - help please!

    So, I couldn't get it to fire on WD40 - but a bit of stater fluid and it did fire. I disconnected the glow plugs first. Wouldn't stay running, but it might have been enough to get me a new code: P0087 - Fuel Rail/System Pressure - Too Low Short circuit to B+ static now to read up...
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    California Buyback Question

    Agreed, you're fine. I thought current reg. wasn't a requirement anyways?
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    2011 Golf No Start - help please!

    Primed the fuel system with OBD11, tried again, cranks - no start still. Tempted to try starter fluid! ;) I've read the debates on that, though...
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    2011 Golf No Start - help please!

    Got a bit of a project: This car sat for an unknown amount of time (up to a year+ possibly?), then I got it a few months back. Couldn't work on it until recently, and I knew the battery was going out and causing a no crank issue then. Only info I had...
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    1 Year after buyback VWoA claims they didn't get my title

    ^if they can't find the title, then they don't own the car! ;) Report it stolen - that would be funny to some of us (with a sense of humor)
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    If I were to buy an eligle car from owner that hasn't gotten fix yet

    ^yep I gave up looking last year. For a while there were chances (I found 3 that worked out), but then it got too hard to even bother. If this is a true flipper with a clean VIN, jump on it ...and OP you already forgot about the first rule of Flip Club...
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    Second round of buybacks?

    LOL Don't take your $5100 fix check and that will show the Tree Huggers? Show them what? That sounds political and downright stupid. But if you want to make an expensive point, fling away
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    Question regarding Check availability at turn in

    I'm all about online banking, direct deposits, etc. But between me and my mom, we turned in 3 cars, and had a check in hand for each one. Two were financed, so we received 'top up' payments a couple of weeks later. I heard a couple of horror stories on the EFTs getting hung up. I wasn't...
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    1 Year after buyback VWoA claims they didn't get my title

    I'd resend the buyback letter offer to them and ask if they'd still like to buyback your car.
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    Value of Mk7 GSW SEL 6MT?

    Of course "value" is whatever someone is willing to pay for it - which can be crazy with TDIs sometimes... DSGs near me:
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    Guidance on extended warranty vs extended emissions warranty - ‘14 Tourareg

    Holee Fuk ?!? $5K for a warranty! That's nuts. My opinion, only. Extended warranties are insurance plans. Can you self insure? AKA, afford to fix something major with cash savings? Then you can be your own insurance company. Those warranties make money for the companies, because on average...
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    Dieselgate Long Block Warranty

    Good info to share. If you could pdf that email, redact your email and name/etc, then post it somewhere for everyone to access, that could be very valuable to help with a few people should they suffer a failure in the future.