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    No. Im a mechanic. I keep coolant and oil in all my cars to help people on the side of the road.
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    WTB 2000 Beetle TDI Instrument Cluster. I'm in Vegas

    The title says it all. Just need one compatible with the 2000 New Beetle TDI 5 spd. Let me know. Thank you!
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    WTB (wtb is on hold pending unit install) MK5 JETTA STOCK RADIO/CD HEAD UNIT

    I think i found one so if it works after install im already good. But if not ill be contacting you. Thank you.
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    2.0L BHW Engine-fully serviced and Fast Forward conversion set

    What are the compression values in each cylinder? I'm interested, but at 190k to 200k, i would like that data. Thank you.
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    WTB 5x100 to 5x112 spacer

    I paid 252.32 for them. Plus shipping. They are brand new, never installed in perfect brand new condition. I would take 250 and I'll pay for shipping to you. They are 5x100 to 5x112.
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    WTB 5x100 to 5x112 spacer

    (Sorry. I was cking PMs not here yesterday). Ill get you a price today
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    2003 Jetta TDI - sacramento, ca $1,000

    Please send pics. Pm sent Stick or slushbox?
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    WTB 5x100 to 5x112 spacer

    I've got a brand new set. I'll get the info on them and get it to you this wknd.. they are from ECS
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    HB4/9006 bulbs

    I'll take'em! Pm sent
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    TDI Maintenance Parts for Sale (SOLD)

    Pm sent on maint parts and susp parts too