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    Dieselgate, The Canadian Edition

    I received an email from my dealer today reminding me that my dealer card will expire at the end of January, 2017. They are offering to take the remaining amount that is left on the card and put it into a dealer account for me that does not expire. I can then use this account to pay for anything...
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    Ordered trunk actuator and still not working?

    Could it be something as simple as the fact that the Valet button has been pushed in the glove box???
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    Driver interior door handle trim peeling

    A 2014 with 17k miles should still be covered by the bumper to bumper warranty.
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    Manual Transmissions

    In Canada you can still get the base model '16 Passat with a 5 speed manual, for $1400.00 less than the automatic.
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    Anyone received money yet from VW Canada?

    The door locks are covered under the 4 year 80,000km bumper to bumper warranty. Are you over 80,000 km??
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    Anyone received money yet from VW Canada?

    When I activated my cards my dealer said that the roadside assistance starts after the initial assistance that came with the car expires. They just bump up the year by 3. My expiry was June 6, 2016, now it is June 6, 2019.
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    Clockspring recalls are in the mail

    I had mine done on Thursday while having my door lock replaced. If your air bag light is on you get a new clock spring, otherwise they are putting a cover over the clock spring. Part # is 5K0-953-259 Cup.
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    2012 Passat driver door freezes

    I took by 2013 Passat to my dealer yesterday to have all 4 locks checked, as I have had several occasions where none of the doors would unlock in cold temps. The report I got says "Found all 4 door latches are defective. Both fronts had electrical fault, both rears had implausible signal." Funny...
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    Vw Goodwill card

    Expiration is Jan 31/ 2017.
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    Canadian Goodwill Program

    Got mine today in Brantford. Signed up Dec 7.
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    So...What to do with $500 dealership credit?

    I got a quote of 708.66, taxes included, for the 60,0000 km service from my dealer in Brantford.
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    Anyone received money yet from VW Canada?

    They just want to make sure that you still own the car. You may have sold it, or had it written off in an accident, and they do not want to be giving out $1000 to people that do not warrant it.
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    Anyone received money yet from VW Canada?

    I successfully applied for my goodwill money this morning. You are given a long reference #. Here is the email I received back. Thank you for requesting the $1,000 Owner Credit Package, No-Charge 24-Hour Roadside Assistance for three years* and signing up to receive communications regarding the...
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    Anyone received money yet from VW Canada?

    Word I got yesterday from my dealer is they have been told around Dec 9th.
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    Potential Bad News for Canadian 2016 Passat TDI owners

    The manual transmission is still going to be available in the TSI, so I don't think that the new safety features have anything to do with the removal of the manual. My sales rep said that they sell almost no manual Passats in any model configuration, so they were not concerned with the dropping...
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    Potential Bad News for Canadian 2016 Passat TDI owners

    Some more 2016 Canadian Passat info I got from the dealer. The Trendline will only come with a TSI, has 16" steel wheels, and has back up camera as standard. To get the TDI you have to move up to the Trendline + or higher. The Trendline + also gets 16" alloy wheels.
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    Potential Bad News for Canadian 2016 Passat TDI owners

    I was visiting my dealer this afternoon booking my 45k km service when my sales rep came up to me and said I should look at the 2016 Passat. He showed me all the specs for the different Canadian models (no Pictures yet), and mentioned that the TDI would no longer be available in any trim level...
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    UNOFFICIAL Adblue Heater Element Failure Thread

    Bumper to Bumper in Canada is 4 years, 80,000 km's
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    Glow plug delay?

    My experience has been in -30c weather I have to wait about 6 - 8 seconds for the glow plug light to go out. The car then starts just as quickly as in the summer. I can also say from experience that at that temperature the car will not start until the light goes out.