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  1. SoCal_John

    My Last TDI Post

    Well, I traded in my Jetta TDI on saturday night. Ive had my eye on a Porsche 911 for some time now. I decided to wait 2 years to buy one of those, but in the meantime it was getting time to replace my car. So I bought my wife a brand new Toyota Rav4. Shes been dieing to get an SUV. Not my...
  2. SoCal_John

    03 Jetta stuck in park

    That was really cool of you. Thanks man. Ill print it out, and start dissecting:)
  3. SoCal_John

    03 Jetta stuck in park

    The foot switch does go out yes. Just tried the work around in your linked article, and it didnt help. The shifter is locked into park I dont think its the brake switch since the lights go out.
  4. SoCal_John

    03 Jetta stuck in park

    Hey Everyone, My wife has a 2003 Automatic Jetta. I havent convinced her to convert to a TDI, but I know you all can help. My car is a 2003 Manual Jetta TDI, so this is a non issue for me. I know Ive seen this topic brought up several times, but I cant locate a thread for it. Her car is...
  5. SoCal_John

    Speedo not accurate

    Mines the same. So long as its not reading lower than actual, I couldnt care less. (speeding tickets)
  6. SoCal_John

    quick question about cup holder....

    My wife and I both have 2003 Jettas. Hers is an automatic and has the cup holders near the E-Brake. Mines a stick and has them on the dash. I see the space on hers for the same cup holder as mine, so I know they're exactly the same.
  7. SoCal_John

    do Jettas Leak?

    My 2003 Jetta TDI is great. My wifes 2003 gas jetta had that problem though. Luckily it was under warranty. It turned out to be a cracked vent for the air conditioning. When it rained, water would drain in around the glove box, and soaked the carpet on the passenger feet section. According...
  8. SoCal_John

    How to replace rear view mirror

    Bump-No response, so Im gonna bump once to see if I get any bites.
  9. SoCal_John

    How to replace rear view mirror

    My wife was backing her 03 jetta up, and tore off her passenger mirror. I did a search but couldnt find any posts about this. How do I go about swapping it out? The mirror itself is perfectly in tact, and the base is perfectly in tact. Its just the hollow shaft that links the two together...
  10. SoCal_John

    WTB-Passenger Rear View Mirror

    My wife was backing her 2003 Jetta out, and broke off her passenger mirror. Her car is silver, so that would be a huge plus.
  11. SoCal_John

    TDI Timing Belt Replacement

    Of course. It would be plain silly to look for a guarentee. A brand new car with 100 miles on it could have its belt break. Its unlikley, but possible. What are signs that the belt is about to expire? My car runs about the same as when I bought it (~40k miles). The steering is a little...
  12. SoCal_John

    TDI Timing Belt Replacement

    Hey Guys, My 2003 Jetta has 99,200 miles on it. I know its due for its TB replacement, but I have had to put it off because of financial reasons. Ill have the money to do the replacement later this week. I dont expect to drive much more than a couple hundred miles during that time. Does...
  13. SoCal_John

    Grey TDI in Gardena, CA

    I was walking down the street to a local 7-11 and I heard a familiar sound. There was a guy pulling into an apartment complex about 5 house down from mine. I went across the street to try to talk to the person but he must of thought I was crazy and drove off into the complex. Anyways if you...
  14. SoCal_John

    2007 Jetta TDI?

    Hey all, I read somewhere (and I dont remember where, sorry) that VW is abandoning the PD engine design. Anybody know about this, or want to clarify. If I understand correct the main difference between the PD and non is the injection. The non pd uses a common rail setup, whereas the pd uses...
  15. SoCal_John

    Third Gear Issue

    Hey Everyone, I have noticed that I am starting to have a little trouble shifting into 3rd gear. It happens about every 10th time or so when I try to shift. What happens is as I pull from 2nd and try to place it into 3rd it seems like its locked out. I put the shifter into neutral and try...
  16. SoCal_John

    PP764 or PP520

    I have no idea what to go for anymore. Its seems like all the expert opinions are to get the PP520's. Everyone else says get the best bang for your buck. I agree that the best bang for your buck is essential. So is it going to smoke like a train, and or kill my turbo once I put in the...
  17. SoCal_John

    I'm Having Pp520 Nozzles Fitted Today!!!

    Congrats; Hoping to get mine in within the next two weeks.
  18. SoCal_John

    used Jetta TDI...biodiesel & filter

    It certaintly wont give you a filter issue, but it will give you a warranty issue. You'll hose the last 40'000 miles of your new cars warranty. I wouldnt run the risk. The car is too young, and if it happens to have an issue; which does happen from time to time; you will be on your own...
  19. SoCal_John

    3rd cylinder not firing on Passat TDI

    Well to answer your initial question "Is it obvious, would I be able to tell". Absolutley. Have them show you the underside of the engine with the pan off. All the rods should be straigh as an arrow. If one is tweaked, you'd be able to see it in comparrison to the others. Im certaintly not...
  20. SoCal_John

    PP764 or PP520

    Thank you all for your replys. Since I wont be upgrading my turbo anytime soon, it sounds like the PP520's are the way to go for me.