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  1. mikester2

    Driver side heated seat failure

    Very unlikely. Especially if the passenger's side heat works, because they share the same fuse and control module. There are no fuses between the control module and the elements. In the best case the 4-pin connector is unplugged or a wire is broken, but that seems really unlikely too. But if...
  2. mikester2

    Driver side heated seat failure

    A Vag-com will see it. Not sure about your app, but this is how it shows up when scanning the car using the "Car Scanner" Android app and a generic ELM327 BT dongle: I had mine fail under warranty around 35K and again around 60K. The first time they said it was the element and I have not...
  3. mikester2

    Adblue Trunk Trim Housing Removal

    Looks like there are five pushbutton type fasteners across the top and the trunk opening and then you lift it up toward the center of the trunk and out. It is found on p.274 in the Body Interior repair manual on erWin, "5.4.4 Right Luggage Compartment Side Trim Panel, Vehicles with Access Cover...
  4. mikester2

    2015 NMS SEL Rodent Damage and erWin woes

    Thanks for the reply. I did not see any errors in the CCM, but my VAG-COM skills are not exactly Jedi-level either.
  5. mikester2

    WTB: Shift Lever (Maybe Full Assembly)...

    If you strike out with your other options I have a 1997 parts car out in the yard that most likely has one.
  6. mikester2

    Any New Hampshire guys?

    Warren, Maine. On Route 1 about an hour and a half north of Portland.
  7. mikester2

    2015 NMS SEL Rodent Damage and erWin woes

    Hi all: I have a 2015 Passat TDI SEL DSG that sustained tremendous rodent damage while parked while I was down with COVID. I have only just begun to dig into it. But foremost among its problems are dashboard warnings from the ABS, steering wheel, traction control, TPMS, Kessy, and a few other...
  8. mikester2

    WTB: Trapezoidal AAZ Exhaust Manifold, p/n 068 129 591G

    Good evening: Looking to buy an AAZ exhaust manifold or two with the older 4-hole turbo bolt pattern instead of the 3-hole version. Located in Maine. If I have to drive to Canada to get one, any hints on whether customs is an issue upon return? Striking out on clear-cut summaries of the...
  9. mikester2

    SEL Fender Sound System Problem

    I have a 2015 with the 510 radio and have not had that problem at all. I did have one issue where it did not put out any sound, as though it were muted, but restarting the car fixed that. I have had a few other quirks with the unit, mainly just lag and a nav issue, but no distortion. I use...
  10. mikester2

    PART OUT: 96 passat TDI

    Do the doors and windows all work? I have a black 96 B4 that had a rear tire let go and shred the paint on the driver's side. Window regulators are also a little flaky on them. But otherwise they are straight and the interior is tan. I am interested in yours if they are in better shape than...
  11. mikester2

    Transmission or clutch rattle in 96 B4?

    Also, is there anything that is easy to see or get at by removing the side cover? I have only checked my B3 Bentley manual, but it does not show an exploded view of an 02A tranny: only a cut-away view and even that is from the wrong angle. I think I will have to put draining the fluid and...
  12. mikester2

    Transmission or clutch rattle in 96 B4?

    Just a followup with a few more details. Last night I took the car up the road and it went fine. Just drove it around the yard a bit and paid close attention to the noise. I am pretty sure it is in the tranny. The noise is either there or not when pushing in the clutch. I cannot really get...
  13. mikester2

    Transmission or clutch rattle in 96 B4?

    Good evening all: I just picked up a 96 B4 and it seems to have a fairly substantial rattle coming from the transmission. Kind of sounds like a bad throwout bearing on other vehicles I have had, but I think it is internal and I wanted to pick some brains and see whether anyone had any clues...
  14. mikester2

    FS: Passat B4 tallights on eBay

    I will have to check on those other items. Some body/interior parts were pulled from it before I bought it.
  15. mikester2

    FS: Passat B4 tallights on eBay

    I have all 4 taillight lenses and lamp assemblies from a 1997 Passat listed on ebay: My user ID there is also mikester2. The car is a black TDI, hit hard in the front. I got it to swap the engine into my van, so I need the engine and wiring...